Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf? Ewww...

by Jes

I don't watch "24", and really don't care much for Elisha Cuthbert. She's not quite as good looking as most people seem to think she is, her hairstyles always suck, and her attempt at hockey blogging made Glenn Beck look like a genius orator of opinion.

That said, we can't but help but talk about her when she's a high profile actress and she's dating yappy NHL players. It makes for good gossip and good press. It's certainly more interesting than watching the Canucks blow another 3rd period lead.

Elisha seemed to finally get a clue when she dumped Sean Avery after a year or two of listening to the endless spewing of crap from his sewer mouth. The thrill was gone, and she had to realize that Avery would ...

a. never shut up
b. cheat quite often (as many players do)
c. not make good long-term marriage material
d. continue to accumulate enough facial scars to make Freddy Krueger jealous

Well, maybe she didn't learn anything, because now she's with ... da-dum ... noted asshole Dion Phaneuf (!?)

As if his own star wasn't burning brightly enough, Calgary Flames defenceman Dion Phaneuf is now being linked to Hollywood starlet Elisha Cuthbert.

Having been seen recently in Calgary attending a Flames game, the Girl Next Door actress -- who was born in Cowtown before moving to Montreal -- grabbed the attention of those in the entertainment industry, setting the Internet abuzz.

A celebrity gossip columnist apparently got wind of it, and CTV's e-Talk has reported the two are an item.

When asked about the rumours, the big blueliner neither confirmed nor denied reports, saying he won't talk about his personal life.

Women wonder why certain men treat them like crap, and then these women keep going out with the 'bad boy' time and time again. When you play with snakes, expect to get bitten.

Elisha, your taste in men clearly sucks as much as you do after an apple martini, and we know that this relationship won't last more than a year, tops.

*shakes head*

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why haven't they been more public with elisha's disability? you would think her agent would want to exploit the fact that she is blind to maximize her earning potential.

ps don't bother with 24. it is absolutely horrible.
Jes, I like you, you're funny and you know hockey.

But man, you don't know anything about women.
Elisha Cuthbert kicks ass. She's an actual nice celebrity for a change. And she actually likes hockey.

Sean Avery however is a total douchebag, and she's better off without him.

..and 24 kicks ass. At least it used to, not so much these days.
Can't wait until Avery says something to that loser Phaneuf about "Sloppy Seconds"... Wonder how many games Phaneuf will get for what happens after. Cheap prick!
It's certainly more interesting than watching the Canucks blow another 3rd period lead.

Until last night when the Flames came back to beat the Canucks in the 3rd, I believe the Canucks were 26-0-1 when going into the 3d with the lead. Figure your shit out before you talk. (That being said the Canucks still blow -- as do you) And you are the one complaining about a girl's hockey blog.
Regardless your a pathetic loser who spends his time writing bullshit on the internet that I would hope no one takes seriously. Figure out your life, you gigantic douche.
1) We can understand how you can make an argument about Avery being a jerk on AND off the ice. However, being in the Eastern time zone perhaps we don't get all the dirt over this way. Has Phaneuf the same rep off the ice as Avery?
2) Sure we read all the time how fans of teams that play the Flames hate the way Dion plays, but does that carry over off the ice as well.
3) Is he a dick to fans and media? If not, we don't see the parallel to he and Sean dating the same girl.
Regardless your a pathetic loser...

your = possessive
you're = you are, which is what I think you were aiming for.

Sorry, that just drives me bananas.

Erin Nicks has more about Elisha Cuthbert if you were interested.
Forget 24, go back and watch some reruns of PM4K.
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