Monday, January 07, 2008


Raffi Torres Earns a Well-Deserved "Break"

by Jes

Raffi Torres has long been one of my least-favourite players in the NHL. Like Dion Phaneuf, Torres has that constant sourpuss look on his face. Unlike Dion, however, Torres has to whine and chirp about EVERYTHING. Just watch the Oilers go offsides and Torres starts bickering at the linesman about how he just got screwed.

So, I can’t not admit that I feel a bit of glee at the news that Torres will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL after Karma and Rhythm come back to get him.

Good. I hope the Assclown also gets an infection during surgery and then slips down the stairs and tears his knee even further. *ahem*

Now, is this an important loss for the Oilers? D00d has only 11 points in 32 games this year, with a whopping FIVE goals. It's hard to believe this doofus ever scored 27 goals in a season (05-06), given how he's about as smart as a rock, or Taylor Pyatt.

Methinks the Oilers will be better off without him. I'm sure the on-ice officials will be better off.

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Yep. It's a shame he's not a nice guy like that wonderful douche Matt Cooke.
But he`s OUR douche. That makes all the difference! :p
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