Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We're Not Gonna Take It, Anymore!

by Jes

We're used to non-hockey mediots taking potshots at the great sport of hockey. (Remember THIS ESPN Cartoon?)

It's like a bee sting, really. We can handle one or two of these jabs, but after about 1,000, it really gets annoying.

So, I decided to go on a rant over at The NHL Fanhouse and rail against the idiots in the media who seems to do nothing but talk smack about our great sport.

It's pretty much a taste of their own medicine.

Really, I just don't get why many feel the need to talk down about the NHL and its fans. So what if the NHL doesn't get NFL-like TV ratings? Popularity doesn't equal quality. How else can you explain the success of dreck like American Idol and Survivor?

Anyway, head on over there and be sure to go join in the fray. I need backup against the NASCAR fans.


The New York Islanders bit the big bullet and bought out the remainder of Alexei Yashin's bloated contract.

The damage?
Under the terms of the NHL collective-bargaining agreement, the Islanders can pay two-thirds of that amount - approximately $17.63-million - over the next eight years to buy him out. The team will still count $2.2-million of Yashin's salary under their cap over that same time period.

This is definitely the right move for the Islanders, but also one I never expected them to make quite this early.

Do you think the Isles are thrilled at paying Yashin huge bucks to NOT play for them? Imagine paying a contractor $125,000 not to build your house.

Then again, given how Yashin plays, haven't the Islanders been paying him bucks to not play for them all this time?

Of course, Yashin is now guaranteed a whole whack of money, and now he can go sign with another club and make even more.

Note to NHL teams: Don't bite! If your offer is over $3.5mil a year, then smack yourself with a bronze ruler.

Big Mac has more opinion on the matter at Ze Fanhouse..

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Wow, just a couple of hours and already you have 20+ comments on that article on the FanHouse.

I think you poked a bee's nest with a stick. Actually, you did a baseball swing to it judging by the reaction. I guess some people can`t handle having some criticism, eh?

*Hands over a can of RAID*
Jes -

ROCK ON! I absolutely love it. It goes to show you that the other fans of the other sports can't argue with logic.

You did. Nice going!
I've got the riot gear on and the hammer in-hand. I'll be there ASAP.
Jes, I appreciate the subtle humour of attacking people with unoriginal ideas with stereotypes of the sports they support. Also tell me when Poker and the WNBA became sports?

I am starting to believe that hockey is a lot like pro wrestling. They have their diehard fans, and they go through cycles of popularity wholly dependent on the transcendent talent of a single athlete.

My one problem is that you failed to mention that has a history that is far richer than the NFL, NBA, and NASCAR combined. No matter the fact that the NHL has been around longer than all major sports leagues except for the MLB. Also, I think the only sport where you find fans as passionate about their teams, and the sport in general is soccer.
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