Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Another MSM Cheap-Shot at Hockey

by Jes

While surfing around ESPN's Page 2 site, I came across this little cartoon at the bottom of the page.

As you may or may not know, Robert Horry committed a cheap and violent technical foul on the Phoenix Sun's (and Canadian) Steve Nash.

So, the cartoonist makes a point about his reputation before and after the incident.


But why is Robert Horry, a basketball player, wearing hockey equipment?

What does Horry's cheap shot, or Robert Horry, have to do with hockey?

In a hockey game, you'd get your clock cleaned if you ever pulled such a stunt. In the NBA? You get a few slaps and growling, but nothing much.

To say that hockey is the realm of this sort of activity is just plain stupid. Basketball, Baseball, and Football all have their fair share of cheap shots. Is there an act more cowardly than a bean-ball?

Just another example of the idiots in the media making hockey to be the 'bad guy' sport. We're all sick of these no-nothings who only ever mention hockey as
1. A sport nobody cares about.
2. A violent bloodbath where everyone hacks and whacks people to death.

It would be the same as a hockey cartoonist drawing Ray Emery as a gangsta rapping NBAer the next time Emery goes bonkers on an opposing forward.

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Hockey is the best sport there is. I am only 11 and I play defense. I love hockey you can let your feelings fly and have the great feeling of winning I don't get why people think its stupid its fun and every other hockey player out there would agree with me.
It so annoying that they couldnt just isolate Horry's actions to himself, but they had to link it to hockey.
Probably because it's been awhile since this particular cartoonist had gotten any laughs about any of his cartoons?

Just a guess.

Truth be told, there seem to be far more legitimate cheap shots in the NBA playoffs than in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
I'm annoyed with the cartoon because let's face it, you have to be a helluva lot tougher to play hockey than basketball.

Although if you heard Steve Nash's comments about the incident after the game, he described it like he was playing hockey. Which I found endearing, cause you know...Canadian and everything.
I think it's a perfectly apt reflection of the casual sports fan's impression of hockey: carelessly violent and mean. And in the context of a hockey game, that hit wouldn't have really been that bad: two for boarding if the ref felt generous (because there's no guarantee: see Alfresson on Tallinder), and nothing else would've come of it unless someone felt particularly like taking an instigator.
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