Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What? The Senators Don't Suck?!

by Jes

DANIEL ALFREDSSONIs anyone else surprised by this year's version of the Ottawa Senators? They have this whole 'Team of Destiny' vibe to them that I felt with the Carolina Hurricanes last year. It's very weird to see a team coached by Bryan Murray actually not suck in the playoffs.

I have more on these surprising Sens at The NHL Fanhouse.

As for the Sabres, they've looked like a team that hasn't quite been there during these playoffs. Oh, they won their first two series without much in the way of casualties, but there was always that feeling that they weren't playing their A-game. Well, their special teams have failed them, Tallinder is hurt, and they can't generate offence. I never figured THIS Sabres club would have problems scoring goals.

Back to the Sens, I find myself tempted to join the bandwagon. Oh, I hate the city of Ottawa, but I gotta support the one lone Slovak remaining in the playoffs (Meszaros).

I'd love to see the cup come to a Canadian city, especially over Murder City, USA, or Anaheim, the city of hotel after hotel.

Also at the NHL Fanhouse:
1. A funny video of a pizza commercial starring Martin Brodeur and Luc Robitaille.
Unlike Gretztky's boring-ass commercials (Save for the Brian Leetch as a figure skater), this commercial is actually GOOD.

2. A look at the Minnesota Wild's goaltending glut.
Worst-case scenario, they are stuck with Fernandez/Harding.
Best case scenario, they re-sign Backstrom for fairly cheap, trade Fernandez for a draft pick, and go with Backstrom/Harding.

Either way, they can't really lose, can they?

3. One little Sabres fan who won't give up hope!! - Obviously, someone hasn't been jaded by years of failure...

4. ... Unlike Tom Luongo, who's seen enough Buffalo sports teams fail to drive him to drink straight out of the keg.

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"...one lone Slovak remaining in the playoffs (Meszaros)."

Don't forget this guy for the Wings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomas_Kopecky
How many games has Kopecky played for the Wings in the playoffs?

One .... he took two minor penalties and then he's back eating popcorn.

He doesn't really count.
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