Thursday, May 24, 2007


American Idol Castoff Riding the Tootoo Train

by Jes
Kellie Pickler

Ahh, it seems Jordin has grown bored of his bunnies and has moved on to someone a bit more 'famous: American Idol reject Kellie Pickler

Yeah, the girl looks like a doe-eyed empty-headed blonde with a boob job. Way to be original, Jordin.

Small Town Girl Kellie Pickler has something new to sing about - her blossoming relationship with Jordin Tootoo.

The country music star and the Nashville Predators hockey player have been dating since January when Jordin asked Kellie to watch one of his games.

The former "American Idol" contestant told Us Weekly magazine, "We've been seeing each other since January, but we kept it under wraps. I am this country bumpkin and he's an Eskimo."

Ahh, nothing like romance between a 4th line grinder and a generic mediocre karaoke singer.

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But at least it's free publicity for the NHL.

Kind of. For what it's worth.
"A country bumpkin and an Eskimo."

That sounds like an absolutely god-awful sitcom--that would pre-empt an actual hockey game, no doubt.

But will she move north with him when the Predators pull up stakes, or will he find another Barbie doll?
She said ESKIMO!? Kellie, what was going through your implants when you said that? she smart enough to know what an Eskimo is or did her publicist tell her to say that?
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