Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Players Partying: Preds on the Prowl

by Jes

Sure, I could do some hardcore statistical analysis showing how Pavol Demitra is, by far, the most valuable player in the NHL, but I know what you people really want.

NHLers getting their party on.

Here are some pics of the Nashville Predators partying with some find upstanding members of society.

Jordin Tootoo - Found some lice on that bunny?

Scottie Upshall and Generic Smithson

One partier lets Upshall know what he thinks of his pre-trade play

Way to keep it classy, Jordin

Young Alex Radulov in a bunny sandwich


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Seriously, I think this is what's needed in the Atlanta market...players to go out and get in the mix in Buckhead like the Flames (R.I.P.) used to do in the 70's...

In a non-traditional hockey market, no one can root for a bunch of non-English speaking players who get on the exerbikes after the game and then go home to their families...
Um, is Jordin Tootoo only 11 years old?
tootoo's taste in women is definitely questionable...
read about his latest conquest (scroll to the last paragraph).

Remember, Tootoo's an "Eskimo" as his new bimbo attests. You ever seen a bearded Eskimo?
Dear Lord Stanley - Thats Radulov with the beard
Yeah, thanks, I know. That's kind of what I was getting at with the sarcastic "bearded Eskimo" comment.
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