Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Greg's 1st Round Playoff Predictions

by Greg

Scroll down or click here for Jes's picks.

Eastern Conference

#1 Buffalo vs #8 NY Islanders - Buffalo in 4 games

Nice rally there at the end, Isles, but no chance. Hard to imagine this one being terribly competitive.

#2 New Jersey vs #7 Tampa Bay - New Jersey in 5 games

I thought the Lightning would present a first-round threat to the Thrashers -- I don't think they have a chance against the Devils, though. Not with Denis/Holmqvist.

#3 Atlanta vs #6 NY Rangers - Atlanta in 7 games

This is a lot less fun when Jes and I are agreeing on everything. Not much impresses me about this Rangers team, but they should have enough to stretch out the Thrashers.

#4 Ottawa vs #5 Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh in 6 games

Finally! Some disagreement. Ottawa seems to have holes and questions everywhere you look, Pittsburgh is on the way up. By the end of this series I'll have overdosed on Sidney C. highlight packages.

Western Conference

#1 Detroit vs #8 Calgary - Calgary in 6 games

A bizarre situation here, where it seems to have become common wisdom that Calgary will beat the top seed. Is anyone picking Detroit? That sort of groupthink sorta makes me wonder if I should jump ship and pick the Wings, but I'm just not very impressed by them, and Kiprusoff > Hasek/Osgood.

#2 Anaheim vs #7 Minnesota - Anaheim in 4 games

Trials and travails largely behind them, if I were to pick a Cup winner at this point, it might be Anaheim.

#3 Vancouver vs #6 Dallas - Vancouver in 7 games

This should be a fun one to watch, eh? Hopefully the Food Channel has something good on at the same time.

#4 Nashville vs #5 San Jose - Nashville in 7 games

Nashville was my preseason Cup pick, and I'm not ready to give up on them yet -- especially with the addition of Forsberg. San Jose strikes me as a team where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Though that could also be applied to Nashville. Or, for that matter, most of the teams in the playoffs this year.

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Not much impresses me about this Rangers team

what about the Czech mafia: Jagr, Prucha, Malik, Rozsival, Straka, Racoonek ???
dont underestimate lundqvist, prob the third best goalie in nhl rite now and he is going to take the rangers a long way in the playoffs.. i wont be surprised if they sweep the thrashers
In hindsight Kiprusoff is definitely better than Hasek/Osgood. But the Wings w/o goalie is >>> than the Flames w/o goalie. At least so far!
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