Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Jes's 1st Round Playoff Predictions

by Jes

Eastern Conference:
#1 Buffalo vs. NYI. - Buffalo in 4 games
Buffalo will rip apart the tattered Isles defense and score plenty against W-vich or a concussed Rick DiPietro (should they try and play him)

#2 New Jersey vs. #7 Tampa Bay - NJ in 6 games
Tampa can score goals, but their goaltending sucks. New Jersey is a well-oiled machine and Martin Brodeur is playing the best hockey of his career.

#3 Atlanta vs. #6 NYR - Thrashers in 6 games
Kari Lehtonen is better than some people might think, and King Henrik is too busy abusing Ice Girls to spend time stopping the puck. The top-heavy Rangers offense got a boost with Brendan Shanahan, but the Thrashers should be able to win the day with their offensive firepower and defensive forwards like Bobby Holik should be able to container Jagr and company.

#4 Ottawa vs. #5 Pittsburgh - Senators in 5 games
Penguins lack of goaltending and experience will ultimately do them in. The Sens won't choke just yet. Look for Sidney to do some damage, but he'll have to control his emotions.

Western Conference:

#1 Detroit vs. #8 Calgary - Calgary in 7 games
Wings have become a very tight-checking team, but look for Hasek and a weaker-than-expected PP to let them down. Miikka Kiprusoff and an improved Flames offense will be the difference in an upset.
I posted a complete preview over at The Fanhouse.

#2 Anaheim vs. #7 Minnesota - Anaheim in 6 games
Anaheim's youngsters have continued their improvement, their goaltending rocks, and they have 2 Norris-worthy defensemen. Potatohead and Pavol rock the house, but the lack of offense from the Minnesota D hurts them greatly.

#3 Vancouver vs. #6 Dallas - Canucks in 6 games
The two lowest scoring teams face off in a very evenly matched series. Look for Luongo to win the goaltending battle as Turco chokes again and the weak Stars offense is shut down by the league's best PK unit.
I posted a complete preview over at The NHL Fanhouse.

#4 Nashville vs. #5 San Jose - Sharks in 6 games
Nashville's D is either too small or too inexperienced for my liking and Peter Forsberg has been a walking injury. Joe Thornton has a spotty playoff history, but I expect him and Cheech to do some damage. The Sharks are scarier than their 4th place finish would indicate, and their goaltending matches up fine with Vokoun/Mason.

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