Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wednesday's Wonderings

by Jes

Today's random, assorted thoughts.

** Ingmar W. Bergman, Evil Swedish Blogger, scored an interview with an unnamed Swedish NHLer over at his site.

If you are trying to find out who Player X is, let's narrow it down...

Player X
a. is far too cool to be one of the Canucks' Swedes (Naslund and Sedinbots)
b. is not Pavol Demitra
c. is not too tall in stature (The toilet seat reference in Part III)
d. is a huge movie buff (especially James Bond)
e. is likely between the ages of 26-31 (given the TV pop-cult references)
f. lacks a social life and has hours to spend IMing Ingmar
g. is a veteran of the labour process and knows the 'game' well enough.
h. snores like a chainsaw
i. hates Wrestling, but knows enough about the catchphrases to be 'in'.
j. likes the overrated TV show, "Heroes".
k. Music: likes heavy metal. Metallica, Linkin Park, Korn etc.
l. very interested in the Penguins blogs (hmmm...)

Now, get to work!

** Didya know that Shanny is into Trannys?

Well, thanks to Canucks and Beyond and Page Six, you do now!!
LINDSAY Lohan continued her New York party over the weekend. On Saturday night, she and her pals, deejay Samantha Ronson and p.r. powerhouse Lisette Sand-Freeman, hit the Beatrice Inn before going to The Box at 1 a.m. - where Lohan got up on the stage and sang while doing a “stripper dance” to thunderous applause. She got off easy - after her, New York Ranger Brendan Shanahan was blindfolded and ball-gagged as trannies danced around him.

I guess Ms. Craig Janney isn't the thrill ride she used to be.

** Roy over at Wild Puck Banter (aka, the Marian Gaborik House of Worship)had a list of his 5 least favourite Canucks of all time.

In case you are wondering (I know you are), here is my list.

1. Mark Messier - This bald-headed egomaniac certainly had an impact on the Canucks after coming over from the Rangers. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a very bad one, as he was paid $6mil a year to float, destroy the team from within, and not make the playoffs. Messier proved what a fraud he is and was more interested in hanging with Hollywood North celebrities than playing hockey.

2. Todd Bertuzzi - A man-child with loads of talent and absolutely no motivation, Bertuzzi single-handedly destroyed the playoff hopes of the Canucks in his final two seasons here. Paid no attention to defence, rarely gave an honest effort, and was more trouble than he was worth.

He may have given some money and time to charity, but rarely gave you a reason to like him and pull for him. I'd defend him more if he wasn't such a lazy, prickly guy.

3. Jarkko Ruutu - This 'pest' did little but take loads of bad penalties and skate around with that shit-eating grin of his. I actually enjoyed it when he got his ass punched around. Jarkko provides no real benefit to a club, and the Canucks are much better off without him.

4. Felix Potvin/Dan Cloutier (tie) - Two of the worst goalies in Canucks history. I don’t dislike them personally, but I was certainly very happy when both of them were booted out of here. They were overrated from the start and I knew they would always be bad. Potvin never did learn that staying back way in your net is not a good thing. If Cloutier was our enforcer, I'd probably love the guy.

5. Alex "Mood Ring" Mogilny - Loads of skill and talent, but little personality. From his actions and words, I always got the feeling he never really liked hockey, and was obviously playing simply for the paycheque.

** has released it's Spring 2007 Top 50 List.
Here is how the teams fare in the Top 50.

Not great news for Atlanta, Tampa, Carolina, Colorado, and Dallas. Boston, St. Louis, Chi-Town, and LA fit in very nicely.

Of course, as M-E Vlasic, Paul Stastny, and Patrice Bergeron will tell you, prospecting is hardly an exact science.

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I forwarded your list of least favorite Canucks to a friend of mine who is a big Canuck fan and this is what he wrote back, "I'm in agreement with most of this, although I did see Mogilny throw a body check ONCE. Such a great list means that there was no room for Jyrki Lumme, whose neck must still be sunburned from the goal lamp after his giveaways. "
Aww, poor Lumme!!

I remember when he first came over from the Canadiens and kicked some serious ass.

Sure, his giveaways were legendary, but he was a good guy and gave a good effort. Overall, he did a solid job for the Canucks during his time here.
My guess goes to Alfie.

Knows the labour process...not too tall in stature. Probably doesn't have much of a life.

It would make his criticism of the Senators' previous owner ESPECIALLY interesting.
Holmstrom maybe?

Strangely enough, there are only two Swedish players under six feet tall.
Alfredsson strikes me as the cheeky sort, and he isn't too tall.

James, those are 'listed' heights. I'm sure many players are below 6'0" and the NHL teams just disguise that fact.

I can vouch for Linden's height, since I've stood next to him and he was definitely around 6'4"
I like how Hockey's Future didn't bother to include the top goal scorer in the AHL in their Top 50, even though he's only 22. He's played on his team's top line all season, yet Alex Bourret, who was regularly in the coach's doghouse and who on;y had 32 points with the Wolves "just missed" making the list.

Who needs an 86 point player anyway?
Anders Eriksson is the player rep for the Blue Jackets & the right age (32) but not short (6'2"). Judging from his comments in this article, he has a decent sense of sense of humour, similar to the unnamed Swede.
"I guess Ms. Craig Janney isn't the thrill ride she used to be."

Damn wrong list. Don't mind me.
Can Hockeysfuture predict the stanley cup champ too? I THINK NOT!
f. lacks a social life and has hours to spend IMing Ingmar

Note that it was from a hotel, and it's not unusual for players to spend time just loafing around or watching movies during a road trip.

A nice picture of a "smokin'" Alfie.
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