Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Party Pics: LA Kings at the SI Swimsuit Models' Party

Time to indulge your gossipy side...

Here's Michael Cammalleri and Patrick O'Sullivan with a pair of plastic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models...

Anze Kopitar and Patrick O'Sullivan. Aren't they up past curfew?

The players got bored with the models, so they ended up taking home this fine stud, instead.
It's sexy time!

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Kopitar is scary looking already; having him with subtle spikes growing out of his head? Scarier.

You sure this party wasn't just to celebrate Avery being gone from the 213 area code?
Dear god, their 'friend' in the last picture is Azamat from Borat. I really don't want to know what went on later that night.
man, if I was going to that party I'd at least put my teeth in!
O'Sullivan has this weird forced smile in both the photos with models up until he gets his photo with the stud. Clearly you know where his interests lie.
The kid should focus on sticking in the NHL instead of sticking it to supermodels.
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