Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The HHOF Screws Up Yet Again

Well, the idiots who run the Hockey Hall of Fame inducted Glenn Anderson, Igor Larionov, and two other non-player jabronis (Ed Chynoweth, former WHL president in the Builder Category and Ray Scapinello in the Referee/Linesman Category).

I understand that referees and 'builders' contribute a lot to the game, but the fact is that the PLAYERS make the game, and should be put above the officials and rich businessmen who profit from them.

Why is it that we continue to have so many builders and officials inducted while only two players make the cut?


How can these morons induct only two players from the likes of Adam Oates, Phil Housley, Doug Gilmour, Dino Ciccarelli, and the other host of fine players that could have been considered?


Once again, the voters valued playoff exploits heavily as their selection of Glenn Anderson indicates.

Now, Glenn Anderson was certainly a fine player, and his playoff numbers (6 Stanley Cups and 214 points in 225 playoff games) are quite impressive, but was he anything other than a great supporting scorer during his career? Was Anderson ever one of the top players in the game at any one point? Did the HHOF not consider that Anderson is a horrible person who cheats his ex-wife out of alimony, among other lovely character traits?

Glenn Anderson was only ever ONCE in the top ten in scoring in any one season, when he finished with 104 in 1982-83. How many true Hall of Fame forwards, playing on the same frickin team as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, would ever not make more Top 10's than that?

Meanwhile, superior players in Adam Oates, Doug Gilmour, and Phil Housley get the shaft. Crikey!

Yes, the same Adam Oates who had SEVEN Top 10 scoring finished, also finished with nearly a point-a-game in the playoffs, and sit 15th on the all-time points scoring list.


As for Igor Larionov, I don't mind his induction, although not at the expense of more deserving players. I know Igor would make it eventually, anyway.

At least Vladimir Crouton wasn't inducted.

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1) Have to agree. How can a guy like Ciccarelli not be in? The guy only scored 600+goals/12oo freakin points! 118 playoff points, etc.
2) If Anderson and his off the ice crap didn't exclude him, there can be no explanation for Dino being shut out. Ditto for Oates.
Oates, Dino and Dougie will make it in, in due time...I think you'd agree that Anderson was due, no?

And while Larionov didn't have the great NHL career like some of the other guys, his legend in Russia deserves serious merit and helped him out big time.
you do realize that "dino" once had scalding hot water thrown on him by his wife? he was also found guilty of indecent exposure. hate to burst your bubble but "dino" was just as much of a dirt bag as glenn. the moustache always wins. GOILERS!
I actually agree with the 2 picks. Like eyebleaf said, the others will get into the Hall in time.
I don't think Anderson's alimony issues should hinder him from getting in though. That's like saying Dino shouldn't get in because he was suspended for viscousness a couple of times. Cicarelli was a dirty player.
Anderson totally deserves it. He put up points even without Gretzky on his line and was a playoff monster. See 1990.
Larionov was a no-brainer.
1) Heed: yes we recall Dino's exposure exploits. That was our reference that his off ice exploits were no worse than was Anderson supposedly had done, yet Anderson was selected nonetheless
sorry about that. i misread it. i took it as meaning dino was more deserving than the man with the stache.
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