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Vancouverites are S-m-r-t, Rich, and Bitter!

by Jes

Oh, dear, the people in this city really are a bunch of numbnuts. Not only does Vancouver possess possibly the worst drivers in all of Canada, but the denizens of Lotusland often need a smack out of their apathetic stupor.

From Columbus Alive!

On our City Limits blog at, we've been writing a lot about Columbus' quest for some sort of marketable identity. So we couldn't resist this telling tidbit, reported by Tom Reed in Saturday's Dispatch:

Ken Hitchcock's most humbling moment as Blue Jackets coach came in this radiant city on the Pacific Coast [Vancouver, British Columbia].

Hitchcock was trying to clear Canadian customs last summer when the agent asked him his occupation. He told the man he coached the NHL franchise in Columbus.

The agent grew suspicious and countered by saying, "There's no NHL team in Columbus."

I wonder if the agent was joking. It's almost too funny to be true. Sheesh. If a Canada Customs agent doesn't know there is a hockey team in Columbus, then they should be fired. Seriously.

  • If you want to purchase a housing unit, do NOT come to Vancouver. Seriously, we don't need more people here. I wish about 400,000 of you pointless morons would pick up and move to Toronto, or Alberta.

    The average price of a house is nearing the million dollar mark. With ever-increasing amounts of homeless people on the streets of this 'fine' city, it's just sickening that housing continues to get more and more expensive.


  • Ohlund might be out for the remainder of the season with bone chips in his knee. Lovely. As if the season wasn't already in the toilet deep enough as it is. Might as well push in the plunger all the frickin way. Who do I cheer for in the playoffs? Boston?

  • Some good news for once: CanWest is losing readers for it's daily papers in Vancouver. For those who don't know, our two major newspapers (yes, both of them) are owned and operating by the same evil corporate empire. They also own many of the major dailies all across Canada, and pollute the paperwaves with more crap than FOX affiliates.

    The two CanWest MediaWorks daily papers in the Lower Mainland, the Vancouver Sun and Province, have lost more than 100,000 "read yesterday" readers between them over the past year, according to the newspaper industry's own research.

    The Newspaper Audience Databank's 2007 survey, which was released yesterday, showed that 77,600 fewer people reported that they read the Province on the previous day (dropping from 491,600 to 414,000).

    The five-day cumulative readership of the Province (people who picked up the paper once during the previous five days) fell from 805,1000 to 747,700 over the year.

    What's to love about CanWest?

    1. How about the fact that they kiss so much right wing ass that even Karl Rove would say 'Whoa, slow down, solider!'

    2. Centralizing articles from a 'CanWest news service'. Rather than actual investigative reporting, we get a bunch of vanilla articles written by faceless writers in Hamilton. Where is the local content?

    3. The obsession with cars and housing. Huge chunks of the paper are simply devoted to housing and new cars (DRIVING and DRIVING 2, wtf?). Since when are newspapers supposed to be shilling for these two industries? I buy a newspaper to read NEWS. If I need car information, I'll buy Auto Trader or some such magazine.

    4. To that add, don't expect a whole lot of actual news content. Like many papers that don't see the light, corporate papers tend to focus more on 'infotainment' than news ... so we get meaningless news about celebrities and stuff that really doesn't matter, rather than actual news about stuff that affects our lives. We don't need this soft-serve BS.

    5. How many of you BCers have read much about the Basi-Kirk trial? Probably very few. The BC gov't is involved in organized crime, drugs, and other illicit activities relating to the sell off of BC Rail, but the two CanWest dailies never touch the story. Why? because, it would hurt their right wing asshole pals.


    My poor girlfriend still pays and reads this junk. The only good thing about these CanWest papers are the comics. Even the sports coverage sucks, and is polluted with far too much Tony Gallagher for any reasonable fan to bear.

  • A man from India comes to Canada with a forged passport, and then suffers a stroke, costing our taxpayers hundreds of thousands in medical expenses.

    Instead of booting the guy back to India, the Canadian civil servants, who haven't done an honest day's work in their entire lives, just keep letting the guy stay in the country, rather than ship him out on the first plane back to Mumbai.

    Look, his time is up, he's lost his appeals, and he has no right to keep sucking up our resources. If there are people putting up a fight, get out the nightsticks, tasers, and pepper spray. Let them pay for obstructing justice.

    To the Indian/Sikh community that supports this asshole, stop being a bunch of racist morons. Really, would you be this supportive of a Polish or Spanish immigrant who pulled the same stunt? Of course not. You only care because this guy is 'one of you', and want to stick it to the evil white man.

    The fact that there is a protest group called "No One Is Illegal" speaks greatly to how far we've allowed ourselves to be pushed in the sake of political correctness.

    So, we should just allow anyone into the country at any time? Great, let's flood our cities with 50 million people from all over the world, and have a whole bunch of chaos. Let's let everyone move in and freeload off of the taxes we pay without having to go through the same system (y)our ancestors had to. Really, if I were part of the Indian community, I'd be pissed that this guy got in the back door and weaseled his way into the country to freeload for hospital care.


    Seriously, somebody just bomb Yaletown, Point Grey, and Surrey.
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    Globe and Mail comics suck. :(
    That was stupid. No One is Illegal? What a naive group. They'll get theirs.
    As soon as someone hits the shore, he's protected under the Charter, as far as I'm aware. You can thank Fidel Trudeau for that.

    Re CanWest
    1. Right wing. To be fair, someone needs to balance out the left-wing wackos in this province. The last thing BC needs is another platform for tree-hugging, whale-saving world-improvers.
    2. CanWest News service is no different than CP and AP, except CanWest doesn't pay to be part of the AP pool anymore. CanWest is too busy packaging out long-term employees to have anyone actually cover local news.
    3. The obsession with cars and housing is because those are the largest advertisers, outside of national advertisers such as Canadian Tire or the telcos.
    4. ... more on 'infotainment' than news ...
    Again, it's cheaper to collect that stuff off the wire than it is to find local, original stuff.

    5. How many of you BCers have read much about the Basi-Kirk trial? Nobody cares. The Campbell Liberals might be douchebags, but if we elect the NDP again we might as well just go all the way and have Chavez take over. BCers don't seem to realize the economic damage caused by electing a communist government. Sure, pot growers will still thrive, but legitimate businesses either leave or don't bother starting up because the NDP runs the province like a banana republic. Back when BC re-elected Clark or Bowling Ball Head (I can't remember which) we ran an editorial in the Herald thanking BC for being stupid enough to re-elect their merry band of socialists. It may have been the election where Clark campaigned on a balance budget and 15 seconds into his victory speech acknowledged the province was actually several billion dollars in the sh%tter.
    Quite possibly one of the best Hockey Rants articles I've read. Here here! Also like the Maddoxian feel.
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