Monday, March 17, 2008


Do Bloggers Dream of Richard Zednik?

by Jes

At last, I've uncovered the super secret formula that the NHL uses for handing out suspensions.

(Previous Suspension + Media Outcry - Player's "Star"* Power + Number of Bowel Movements Colin Campbell Has Had in Previous 48 Hours) X Random Number Picked Out of a Hat by a Monkey.

* As determined by Supreme Overlord, His Excellency, Commissioner Gary Bettman.

How else can we explain the fact that the NHL gave Chris Pronger a head-scratching EIGHT game suspension for his stomping of Ryan Kesler when Chris Simon got THIRTY games for the exact same thing.

Is Chris Pronger a repeat offender? Yes.
Has Chris Pronger proven himself to be a danger and threat to other players? Yes.

So, then, why the double standard? Was it because the media didn't cry for blood nearly as much? Is it because Pronger is a player that the NHL desparately wants to be in the NHL? Is it because Gary Bettman fears Brian Burke?

The sad thing is that there would have been NO suspension if the folks at TSN didn't call out the NHL out. We'll give a round of applause to the MSM for this one, as they utilized their assets and investigative wherewithall to show the public just what the NHL 'missed'.


I rarely have dreams that I can remember, but I certainly had a strange one last night.

It involved Richard Zednik and I as roommates in some apartment. (Somehow, his wife wasn't anywhere to be found). I was taking care of Zednik after another awful injury, and trying to comfort him from his depression.

Zednik had also recovered from cancer, and was wondering when all the pain would end. He had a hard time getting to sleep because of the pain, so I gave him some 'illegal?' drugs to calm him down. For some reason, I didn't want to give him the pills, but he convinced me. Who can resist a sad Zednik face?

Then, after he went to sleep, I went into the living room and starting playing video games from a MASSIVE collection.

Yeah, WTF, eh?


It has been years since I've done an Easter egg hunt, but I'm going to try my hand at one set up by Joe Pelletier over his his Legends of Hockey blog.

Today has a photo of the largest easter egg in the world? Why? Because I'm announcing the first annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Amongst the approximate 700 legends profiled across my Legends of
Hockey Network I have planted pictures of easter eggs on 5 biographies.

If you can find all five, you will be entered into a draw to win a
$100 gift certificate to Amazon.
Perhaps I'll start by going to Steve Smith's profile (if he has one), since he certainly knew how to lay an egg ;)


How would you like it if 12,000 people showed up at your birthday?

Well, the Giants/Bruins game last night had Gordie Howe celebrate his 80th birthday with the team he has a minority stake in. Yes, the guy is uber-popular and still draws a crowd.

OK, so his real birthday is not until March 31st, but it was a good excuse for a nice ceremony. With the Canucks sucking as much as they have, the Giants are giving us Vancouver hockey fans something better to watch :)

As for Howe, I saw him at the game on Friday (vs. the Cougars) and he's still looking good. About 1-2 years ago, he seemed to have aged ten years at once and looked rather fragile and weak. On Friday, he seemed to look good and still looked like he could bodycheck a few players through the boards.


Today's Photo of the Day involves Ryan Getzlaf combining his other hobby, Tae Kwon Doe, with hockey into ... ummm ... 'Doekey'?


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Where was I? Cooking you guys lasagna? :p
1) The NHL's discipline method(is there one?) is a total joke. Your formula is probably closer to fact that fiction!
The only joke is that Chris Simon is "upset" with the Pronger-situation...

I mean, did people in general and Simon forget that he 2-handed/axed a guy just a few months before stomping on Ruutu. Pronger might be dirty but Simon is a fricking bomb... makes me f***ing sick to see Simon complain.
1) Anonymous do you recall that Pronger was suspended TWICE in last years playoffs. Both times the consensus among most media/fans was that if it were the regular season and a non-star he would have likely recieved considerably MORE than what he got.
2) Like Simon, he is a repeat offender(8 suspensions) That in of itself shows that he has been a danger and like Simon has not be detered by past punishments. All the more reason to throw the book at him like the NHL did to Simon
I do remember, and yes Pronger should be suspended, but no way is he Chris Simon-like...AND the league did not see those hits in the same league at the Simon hits. Neither do I.

The reason Simon got 30 days was because of his recent history, because of the vicious attack on Hollweg in march 07. Man, I havent seen anything like that since McSorley...he could have killed Hollweg
and then Simon goes out in the new season, gets pissed at Ruutu, thinks about it for a second and the decides to stomp Ruutu. Wasn´t a game situation or anything...can this guy control himself?! I dont think so.

As for Pronger...I dont think he will get away with much thuggery in this years playoffs.
Yah, he could have killed Hollweg with that vicious two-handed into his KEVLAR chest protector.

And he could have killed Ruutu by severing the artery in his SKATE BLADE.
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