Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Selected Statistic Sampling

by Jes

A look around the NHL at a hodge podge of statistical odds and sods

  • I don't believe in the "Great player on a crappy team" argument for awarding the Hart Trophy (MVP), but one can certainly see just how valuable Alexander Ovechkin is to the (mis)fortune of the Washington Capitals.

    19% - The percentage of Washington shots have come off of the stick of Ovy.
    27% - 24 of the 88 Capital goals have been scored by Ovechkin. No surprise.
    44% - Add in his assists, and Ovechkin has had a hand in 39 of the 88 Capitals' goals. Almost half!
    +4 - Yep, Alex has the best +/- figure on the team, and is just one of four players to be on the positive side of the ledger.

  • Cy Young Award Nominee: Brad Boyes, the talented young St. Louis Blues forward with 19 goals and 9 assists in 30 games. Even since being move to the wing, he's been more selfish (in a good way) and productive.
  • A real plus: Dany Heatley leads the NHL with a whopping +27, eight better than runner-up Nick Lidstrom.
  • Patrick Sharp-shooter: Patrick Sharp (who?), the Blackhawks forward, has been one of the NHL's unsung heroes this season with 25 points in 30 games. His career high prior to this season? 35 points. The most interesting thing is that Patrick Sharp has FIVE shorthanded goals so far this season, and is on pace to break double digits. Yowsa!
  • Speaking of shorties, only the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes have yet to score a shorthanded goal this season. While the Panthers' PK has been solid, the Hurricanes can add insult to that injury be also having the worst PK unit in the league, killing penalties at a putrid 75.3%.
  • What's the biggest +/- disparity on a single team? I look and see the Red Wings have one of 26 with Nick Lidstrom sitting at +18 and Dallas Drake sitting at -8. The St. Louis blues have one of 23, with Eric Brewer at +10 and Barret Jackman at -13. Of course, the above mentioned Dany Heatley and any Senator at -1 is a disparity of 28, but that feels like cheating.
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