Friday, November 02, 2007


Sean Avery Scores with Mary-Kate Olsen?

by Jes

From the "Gag me with a spoon" file comes rumours that Mary-Kate Olsen is getting jiggy with Sean Avery. My FanHouse cohort, Greg Wyshynski, who spends about 6 hours a day on celebrity gossip websites, forwarded me the 'good news'


From (If it's there, it MUST be true!):

Avery, who was previously linked to Elisha Cuthbert and rumored to be the other man in JT's "What Comes Around Goes Around," has been seen squiring MK all over the Big Apple.

He shoots, he scores!
I know I'm not the only guy who once fantasized about the time when the Olsen twins would be legal (not that we have a chance or anything), but then they stopped eating, started smoking, and just generally started to look ghoulish.
Mary-Kate Olsen

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I hear the other one is with Lance Armstrong...

That photo is seriously disturbing.
Yes, you can be too rich and too thin.

One word: Yuck!
Is that a Halloween outfit?
Meanwhile, 36 year-old Lance Armstrong was seen "canoodling" with the other twin.


What gives?
I see sean has a new stick to play with..
Poor girl.

She's too thin for real clothes and has to wear garbage bags now.

Nobody mentioned that Avery bagged Rachel Hunter before his tryst with Ms. Cuthbert. And now an Olsen twin?

Sean scores the hat trick of celebrity kooch!

Goth look or no goth look, that's some serious cash he can snag in alimony if he can find a wedding ring small enough to fit around her bulimic finger.
Both sisters are grotesquely skinny, and bug-eyed freaks. Rich, too, but how many steaks can you throw up, before it gets old?

Wrapping yourself up in layers, like their hobo-ish clothing line, or baggy clothing like this sack-dress, is typical anorexic behavior.

I've never seen the attraction of having sex with skin-covered skeletons.
Did anyone else read that as "squirting MK all over the Big Apple" or do I have a uniquely warped mind?
All that cash and no class of any clothes. Avery and her are a good match. Better him than another one of the Maple Leafs. LOL!
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