Monday, November 19, 2007


Sean Avery is Sexy?

by Jes

People Magazine, that fine purveyor of celebrity crap, has decided that Sean Avery is one of North America's sexiest males.

Given that Avery has shagged his fair share of celebrity ass, it's hard to argue against him having some sort of charm with the ladies. I mean, it's not as if he's Mike Ricci or Mike Rathje.

Still... sexy? Ugh... I guess if you like bad boys who never shut up.

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Too bad while they were stitching up that cut they couldn't have sewn up the rest of his mouth and saved us all the anguish that followed in the years ahead. :(
1) If that turd were playing in Atlanta or nashville we doubt anyone over at People would even know he was alive
What a waste of time.
Only because he's in New York; only because he's in New York...
The 27 year-old New York Rangers hockey star talks about his lip scar:

"In 2001, during my first year with the Detroit Red Wings, I was standing in front of ENTER RANDOM CELEBRITY GIRLIE HERE trying to score and I got hit with a Louis-Vuitton-Bag.
hurl!! much rather do sidney crosby or antoine vermette
1) antoine vermette would much rather do sidney crosby. ; )
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