Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Hilary Gives Comrie the Duff Stuff

by Jes

As if people didn't hate Mike Comrie enough, d00d got hooked up with uber-rich celeb-babe Hilary Duff and continues to flash that shit-eating grin of his as he 'leads' another team to a non-playoff appearance.

From what little I know about Hilary Duff, she is known for her 'good girl' image, which has been carefully cultivated to maximize her revenue inflows.

Well, she certainly gave her boyfriend, and a trendy NY nightclub, a dirty little show for their viewing pleasure.

SHE may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but HILARY DUFF'S fans were left shocked after witnessing the star performing a lap dance at the weekend.

The pretty actress - who shot to fame in kids' TV show Lizzie maguire - treated her ice hockey star boyfriend MIKE COMRIE to the saucy performance at exclusive New York hot spot Tenjune.

A partygoer said: "Hilary was having a wild night, drinking Veuve Clicquot straight out of the bottle.

"She looked nothing like the sweet little Lizzie Maguire she once was as she treated Mike to a series of raunchy lap dances.

"The place was packed but Hilary didn't mind."
See? This is the kind of hardcore hockey news that you won't find at TSN or The Globe and Mail.

On another front, are Alexei Yashin and Carol Alt official finished? We must know the truth!

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Wasn't he the Oiler who allegedly snaked Tommy Salo's wife during his tenure in Edmonton?

Mike Comrie, mis-interpreting the concept of the term "team-mate".
Professional athletes, always wanting more.
Ride that wine swilling tramp till she dumps you mike! because you know she will.
Hey I played hockey with Mike a few years ago and we were tight. He's a good sh*t so give him a break! Everyone only wishes they could catch Hillary
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