Thursday, October 25, 2007


Urge to Kill (Canucks) Rising ...

After the Canucks putrid loss to the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this week, coach Alain Vigneault ripped the Canucks' top forwards for being softer than a DQ Banana Split, and only half as tasty. Markus Naslund whined, instead of taking the blame for playing like crap.

So, the Canucks go into Detroit, and decide to roll over and play dead.


Trust me, the 3-2 score flatters the Canucks, who were out-shot 39-15 and were basically toyed with like a cat and a laser pointer. At no point did the Wings look like they are in any danger of losing their lead, and only Luongo's goaltending gave the Canucks half a chance.

Folks, this team is hella frustrating for anyone living in this city who doesn't cheer for one of Canada's other clubs. It's not bad enough that they are 2 games under .500, but they don't work hard, don't win faceoffs, and play a very boring style of hockey.

There aren't a lot of bright spots that stand out and make you think, "Hmm, maybe they'll turn it around like they did last year," other than the continual fine play of Roberto Luongo.

Time to vent a little ...

1. Taylor Pyatt - OK, you got a nice big contract. Does that mean you have to stop working? 2 goals, 0 assists, and -3 in 10 games of invisibility. Apart from his mascara, there isn’t much to this guy. I'm sure Sabres fans will say "I told you so", but the guy was actually useful last season. *sigh*

2. Markus Naslund - A poor example of a Captain, and someone who looks like they don't want to be here. 7 points in 10 games and a -6 is not what you'd expect from someone making uber millions, nor is the lack of effort. If Markus is wearing the C, and slacking off, then he's obviously setting a bad example. Instead of rising up to Vigneault's challenge, Markus basically said "Screw this", and decided to sleepwalk. Obviously, he doesn't like Vigneault and he's going to just pout about it.

3. Aaron Miller - Nice giveaway on the 3rd Detroit goal. I don't think Tomas Holmstrom has ever had an easier goal, even in practice. Miller, all too often, looks old, decrepit, and just plain overmatched. I understand that he's getting more ice time than he should be, but wouldn't the Canucks be better off with Edler?

4. Rick Rypien - Nothing against the guy, but he blocks a shot and breaks his finger?! Guy can't get a break. Even since his promotion, he's been one of the few Canucks that looks like they care.

5. SedinBots - Wake up! You are capable of so much more.

As for Detroit, I finally saw the empty seats for myself. It looks half-empty in the place, which is VERY weird. I know the subject has been beaten before, but it wasn't that long ago where you'd be swearing at the TV because some idiot at Joe Louis Arena was standing up and blocking the (low) camera angle.

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I will never understand why they have a camera angle that allows people to show case the backs of their heads at important time of a game. Iam glad to see iam not the only one that hates it.
Attendance: 17,015 (84.8% full)

That's "half-empty?" Ok, it's the New Math. Whatever.

Detroit also toyed with Everyone's Elite Preseason Fave, Da Sharks, this evening, before another half-empty shell of a building (90% full). Shots 39-11, which, combined with the Vancouver game, is 78-26 in two games.

Barry Mullet said the Wings were "a second-tier club" this year, about a month ago. Hate to see the good teams. Scary!
You might sell (or give away) the tickets, but if people aren`t going, that`s going to mean a lotta empty seats despite an 84% attendance figure...

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