Friday, October 05, 2007


07-08 Predictions With Conviction

by Jes

Well, I finally put together the little predictions spreadsheet that I do every year, comparing my picks with Greg's, Mirtle's, and other mainstream writers and publications. Just to brag a little, I tend to kick the MSM's ass quite frequently, although I do have the benefit of time. Magazines have to come out with their predictions a bit earlier ... although they still tend to make really dumb picks.

I gathered my picks and those of Greg, my girlfriend, Mirtle, and Globe and Mail writers Tim Wharnsby, Eric Duhatschek, and Alan Maki. The magazines include The Score's Forecaster, The Hockey News, and McKeens.

Some notes and totes

1. Lone wolves - Only one person picked the Canucks to miss the playoffs (Mirtle = Hater), only one person (my lovely g/f) picked the Coyotes NOT to finish last in the West, and only McKeen's picked a non-Ottawa team to finish 1st in the East. Alan Maki went nuts and pick the Islanders to finish in the playoffs. Many others had them in the basement, or near to it.

2. Tampa Bay - I was one of three who picked them to finish out of the playoff race. With such a cruddy defence (Boyle is injured, too) and goaltending, I don't see how a one-and-a-half line team can be all that successful.

3. Calgary - I think Keenan will be a disaster for that club, and am waiting for Huselius and Tanguay to run screaming. Most other people don’t seem to agree, and have picked them for a playoff spot. I realize that their goaltending and D is great, but Keenan is just bad news.

4. Mirtle seems really high on Florida, for some reason. I agree with him that the team has some real potential, but I see more holes in their defence than Robert Pickton's case.

5. Pittsburgh should outscore the league by a WIDE margin. If one of their goalies could not suck, they'd be a real contender out of the East.

6. No change in the fact that the West still has the balance of power in terms of strong teams.


I like your faith in the Kings!
Mirtle also has 2 teams from the same division in the #2 and #3 spots (PIT/NJ).

You are so scared that I will repeat as the prediction champion, that you kicked me off the list this year?

Hey. I got so busy this year that I left out a few picks (like ESPN). List me your picks in a nice 1-15 format and I'll add it to the sheet.

Hey. I got so busy this year that I left out a few picks (like ESPN). List me your picks in a nice 1-15 format and I'll add it to the sheet.
Those rankings for the Caps are BS. The person who picked them 9th was the closest one with a brain.

And Jes, you don't know sh*t. Do your research before you even put Morrisonn, Eminger and Clymer (a forward) in the same sentence.
Replace Jes with The Puck Stops Here in the last comment.
Whatever, Jes. Have you seen the changes in Calgary since Keenan has taken over? He has been working on our skating skills and our defense has improved.

By the way, Huselius has scored four goals this season and Tanguay and Iggy take a while to heat up.
The Puck Stops Here,
I am digging those predictions. I totally agree with those teams, but I don't completely agree with the order.
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