Thursday, September 06, 2007


Fernando Pisani's Crappy Condition

by Jes

By now, you will know that Edmonton Oilers forward Fernando Pisani will be out indefitinitely after a sudden announcement that will he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

Oilers General Manager Kevin Lowe had the following comment. “We are very concerned about Fernando’s medical condition and we wish him nothing but a full and healthy recovery. Hockey will be secondary until he gets the care and treatment required. As a result, the Oilers will move into our training camp and pre-season and not have Fernando available for our lineup. I know the Edmonton Investors Group and all Oilers fans hope to see him recover quickly and be an active player with our team as soon as possible.”

Pisani commented on the situation, and said “I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through this difficult time, especially my wife and family. I appreciate all the wonderful words of encouragement I have received, including messages from my teammates. I look forward to returning to the Oilers.”

Mirtle does some digging and finds out that Pisani had a history of problems in the nether regions, and it has built up to this. Fernando's condition is definitely serious, and not something to make light of.

Despite the fact that I'm a joke-making jerk, I will resist the urge to point out his shitty Pisani's situation is.


Because, I *may* have the same condition.

Yeah, I'll be going into the hospital next week to find out what exactly I have, and I hope it's just a simple infection, rather than something much more serious.

Yes, it's certainly a 'crappy' condition to have, being otherwise healthy, but unable to do what you always want to because of 'down there'. It's just not something one can control very easily, either, nor can you simply 'play through the pain'


Life just gets shitter and shitter for Oilers fans, doesn't it? *yuk yuk*

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i certainly wish Pisani all the best, since i know personally how tough UC can be to deal with (my dad, and 2 sisters have it). however, with the right balance of medication and diet, it can be controlled and all of them live normal lives. I hope that he finds out what works for him soon and he's back on the ice before we know it.

my thoughts are with you too, Jes. hope everything goes well with your tests.

and yes, it's totally cool to make fun of the disease sometimes...because it's just too easy
1) Here's hoping that your and Fernando's problems are all behind you!
Lucky you. :(

Hope it is nothing serious. (Although all this talk of doctors and illness reminds me that I haven't seen a doctor since before I went to college, and the nagging from my family is reaching a very high volume.....)
This Pisani thing has brought all sorts of people with similar problems out of the woodwork.

I'm wondering if, due to the nature of the illness, there's more than the 1 in 10,000 who have they same thing as Pisani, not to mention Crohn's Disease...

Good luck with the doc, Jes.
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