Friday, September 07, 2007


Canes Hire Asshole for Goalie Coach

by Jes

How many of you ever considered Tom Barrasso to be coaching material?

If you do, I'd like you to put tin foil on your head, so we know who you are.

Apparently, the Canes think that Barrasso would be a great addition to their hockey operations staff.

The Carolina Hurricanes named the former all-star netminder director of goaltender development Friday, a role that will see the 42-year-old Barrasso work with all of the goalies in the team's minor-league system.

"Tom brings instant credibility to his new position, and is somebody that the goaltenders in our system will be able to respect and learn from," Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said in a statement. "He has re-located his family to Raleigh and we are happy that he has chosen to continue his life in hockey with our organization."
HWHA?!?!? Instant credibility?

By all accounts, Tom Barrasso was a prick to any and all backup goaltenders he ever worked with, and was not popular with his teammates. In terms of overall assholeness, Tommy boy was near the top of the list among all NHLers.

So, this appointment is just simply puzzling. Why would you want to hire a guy that has such poor people skills? Sheesh.

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Yeah. Cuz everyone else who works in hockey is so nice. WTF Canes?
Get a friggin' grip. Barrasso's attitude was not at all bad with the Canes...everything I have heard and read indicates that it has only gotten better over the last few years, starting with his 'career revival' with the Canes. Then again, how can one's attitude not be humbled, even just a little, when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer? offense, but it *really* must be a slow news day out in Canuck/Whaler wannabe*-land if you care so much about a Hurricanes front office signing.

* - How can I NOT call the Canucks that with their new duds' colors?
He can be an asshole all day. If he can help the Canes get their goalies inline - I'll let him cuss my mother out.
Billy Smith thinks this is a brilliant hire.
What an ignorant SOB. No, not Barrasso, the writer of the post. The guy has long moved on from the times of these false stories and yet people still bring up stories they know nothing about, and add details to make things sound even worse.

Barrassos worst offense was basically not helping to develop his backups. Yea that is awful, lets see this young punk wants my job and they want me to help him get it?

What a stupid post.
Ron Hextall thinks writers shouldn't make up stories about evil goalies.
1) As per our E-mail, the above coment attrributed to a FAUXRUMORS2 not affiliated with the fauxrumors blog. Just a nut case who was able to hijack and steal our and several others' blogs last winter. Sorry for the silliness.
I was a backup to Barasso back in youth hockey days-- I can confirm he was a prick even back then. And he was OVER RATED back then too. He turned into a solid goalie as a pro though.
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