Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Alt + Yashin + Lundqvist = NHL Love Triangle

by Jes

When Alexei Ka$hin decided to sign in Russia for the upcoming season (good riddance to bad tra$hin), we all wondered if his girlfriend, Carol Alt, would follow him.

She said that she wouldn't, but did say she's be faithful and that her widdle Washin was such a good guy.

Well, Eric over at the NHL FanHouse has been laying awake at night, wondering if Alt and Yashin can find everlasting love and happiness.

Well, I guess not, now that Alt has been seen canoodling with a different hockey player, Henrik Lundqvist.

Ewwww ...
From the New York Post:
If you want to make time with Carol Alt, bring a hockey stick. The former model, once married to ex-Ranger Ron Greschner, was spotted backstage in the W downtown lounge with current Blueshirt Henrik Lundqvist - not boyfriend Islander Alexi Yashin.

Well, I guess text messages and emails just weren't lighting her fire, so she had to find the first gullible (and rich) hockey player she could get her granny hands on.

Now, don't feel sorry for Yashin that Alt has found new blood. Yashin will be swarmed by swaths of hot, leggy Russian chicks that'll bend over backwards (literally) for a chance to be in his penthouse. Instead of being a pariah, Yashin will be a hero to all his fellow Russkis, who highly value greed and self-importance. (Not that Americans don't, mind you...)

Lundquist? What the hell, d00d? Why would you want that used bag of bones?

All I can think of is that Carol Alt must be REEEEEEEEEEEEALLLY good in bed, and half the NHL knows it.

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I'm pretty sure she dated Vic Hadfield before Greschner. And Marcel Pronovost before that.
1) She's 47 for Christ's sakes! Does Lundqvist have some unresolved Oedipus issues that the Rangers may want to address?
2) It was creepy enough to see her with Ya$hin. If this is true it would be down right nausiating
Maybe she does some things very good. You take an old bike to learn, they say here.
1) We understand your take vakfan, but you'd think a guy like Lundvist either wouldn't need to 'learn' how to ride, could find a slightly younger, better looking skank to take for a spin?
Alyssa Milano called, she wants her shtick back.
well, as mr. golbez surely has readers aged under 18 let me put it this way: I now own a quite new bike. But I still remember my first one. It had no gears so you had to push very hard to get it up the hill. And it did teach me a lot about riding bikes. But you are right when you say that Lundqvist picked a very old bike, even if it might be a good one...
Lundqvist is one year older than me & I would get at it. Alt that is.
It posted this article on the Yashin girlfriend board, but it appears someone keeps trying to remove i.

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