Friday, August 03, 2007


Photos of the Day: I <3 SPAM!

by Jes

Time for a little photo spam...

Selanne and his friends with the Cup... how very Finnish of them. After this photo was taken, they beat each other with birch leaves and played the HNIC theme song with their armpits.

A photo that'll make any Oilers fan throw up their Subway sandwich. Pronger, his bimbo jezebel wife, and spoiled little blonde brats celebrate with the Stanely Cup.

Just your average confused Avs fan ...

Palffy has sure let himself go after retirement. How fast can he lose the extra pounds?

Hell, just talking seems to make him sweat. How out of shape is he?

Well, at least he's not as out of shape as Robert Svehla. Somebody's been busy at the buffet table!

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I thought Greg said he didn't want his picture up on the website? :)

I keed I keed.
That pic looks like something Fins would do, but it's taken in California according to
What a great shot though..
Jes, even I, as a looong time Av's fan, just couldn't help but chuckle at that "confused" photo.
Look at Pronger's wife grasping that Cup with both hands as if to say: "I knew we couldn't win it in Edmonton. I knew we could win it in Anaheim. Hey, you like my California tan?"
Geez, Chris--buy your wife some decent clothes. She looks like she's wearing a bath towel.

(And I can't help wondering if the Cup is heavy enough to squash their little blondies if they let it slip!)

You should see the pictures shot on-ice after the Ducks won. Lauren's face was as orange as a HootersBimbo's shorts.
And in the left corner: Robert "Pass-me-that-roast-pork-and-some-more-dumplings" Svehla!
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