Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday Morning Musings

by Jes
Good looking, famous, and dumber than a sack of potatoes. This is an apt description for the couple that is one Mike Modano and one Willa Ford.

Yes, the NHL's Pretty Boy and bimbo 'actress'got married in a private ceremony.

If these two ever have kids, you can expect some good looking tykes who will have trouble tying their own shoelaces. Basically, Paris Hilton clones. I wonder if their kids will have enough IQ points to breath without mechanical assistance.

Read more gag-inducing details over at the NHL FanHouse.

Jan Bulis has a much better car than you will ever hope to have. See?

August 27th, and still nobody has signed the guy? WTF?? Poor Alanah is being driven to drink. Greg even went to London to escape the pain.

Hat tip to Vakfan, who has his own English-language blog that gives us North Amerikaners a nice look at the hockey goings-on in Czechia.


It turns out that the Flyers are joining the growing list of teams that are moving their goal judges to far-away lands. Instead of just firing the guy, they move up him to the press box.

What the hell is the point? Just scrap the position and wake up to the 21st Century.


Over at Taking One For The Team, a few of us bloggers took part in the Salary Cap Challenge.

The premise is simple: Make a team of any 20 players that you want, so long as you fit under the $42mil salary cap set.

You can go and see my team, which is very well balanced and has enough Slovak to kick some ass. I ensured to take Samuel Pahlsson "Is God" and other defensive specialists, so my team can beat you in just about every way other than fighting.

Marian Gaborik (6.5) - Sidney Crosby (0.85) - Pavol Demitra (4.5)
Cory Stillman (1.75) - Evgeni Malkin (0.984) - Justin Williams (3.5)
Jere Lehtinen (3.9) - Jordan Staal (0.85) - Corey Perry (0.494)
Jay Pandolfo (0.836) - Sami Pahlsson (1.4) - Branko Radivojevic (0.68)
Kevin Bieksa (0.55) - Francois Beauchemin (1.65)
Dion Phaneuf (0.942) - Lubomir Visnovsky (2.052)
Jaroslav Modry (1.2) - Mike Commodore (1.3)
Roberto Luongo (6.75)
Chris Mason (1.25)

Total Cap Space Spent = $41.938
Cap Space Remaining = $3.062

Most chose guys like Marc Savard for their fourth line, not realizing what a poor fit that would be in terms of playing style, chemistry, and personalities. Put a guy like Savard on the fourth line, and expect to have a pouty poopypants who is unable to stop opposing scoring stars from, uhh, scoring.


And, lastly, I'd like to thank my Sidney Crosby blogger/partner-in-crime, snoopyjode (Jodie), for creating the new sidebar that you see on the left. Thanks to her, the links are much more organized for all to use. There are many excellent hockey blogs out there, so be sure to check them out.

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1. always glad to help!! :)

2. your team kicks my team's ass. (for some reason, i completely overlooked phaneuf!!!) i am definitely no ray shero.

3. bulis's car is pretty sweet, but my mom's black 1966 mustang might give his a run for its money. sadly, she won't let me drive it, so i don't know that for sure...
are you insane, crosby at 0.85 and jere lehtinen at 3.9.

and luongo he might be good but even in the real world i wouldn't pay him over 6mil
You can´t go without Gaborik and Calimero Demitra, cant you? And there is also 3m left for Tomas Vak!!!

Forwards SALARY

Daniel Briere 5.25 C
Sidney Crosby 5.745 A
Antoine Vermette 4.255
Jonathan Toews 0.8
Evgeni Malkin 1.2
Joffrey Lupol 0.65
Dean McAmmond 0.6
Jason Spezza 2.1
Zach Parise 1.55
Patrick Eaves 0.95
Jordan Staal 1
Chris Higgins 1.3


Marc-Edouard Vlasic 0.7
Dion Phanuef 3
Chris Phillips 3.5 A
Anton Volchenkov 2
Tom Preissing 1.2
Brian Campbell 1.7


Rick DiPietro 4
Peter Budaj 0.5
he was using real salarys!

but i do like the idea of giving vermette a well deserved 4 mil
go sens!!
my bad, thats an awesome team then!!! good job jes!

i should get cracking using real salarys then! but my team was okay to dream!

go sens!
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