Thursday, June 28, 2007


For No Mere Mortal Can Resist ... The Evil of THE THRILLER!

by Jes

A bunch of randomness on a sunny June day (rare in Vancouver)

  • No surprise: Canada won't get another team!
    It seems the NHL has found a way to screw Canada, again, and give a team to KC.

    How? Go over to the NHL Fanhouse and read Greg Wyshynski's take on the fiasco.

    Too bad, Hamilton :(

  • Another reason why ESPN sucks more than Nikki Benz: Sidney Crosby was NOT considered for Male Athlete of the Year!

    Yeah...the kid is the youngest captain in NHL history, sweeps the big awards, and doesn't get a nomination? Typical ESPN bullshit.

  • Notice how ESPN doesn't actually stand for anything? The S is not for Sports, that is for sure.

  • The NHLPA enlisted the help of MLBPA boss Don Fehr. You know the NHL must be collecting its collective pants about this.

    Let's face it, even with the turmoil the PA has been in, they are getting the better end of this new CBA. When you have idiot GMs like Kevin Lowe proclaiming their intentions to overpay the likes of Scott Gomez, it's pretty much the same as it ever was with the NHL. As long as NHL teams continue to hire former players over real business managers, the PA will always win.

  • The CHL held its Import Draft yesterday.

    Name of the day? Michal Jordan. A Czech guy with a very precarious name.

    The Giants picked Josef Tichy, who is 6'6" 230lbs of Czech beefcake.

    My pal, Michal, wrote me an email on the guy

    Vancouver Giants make a great choice to select Josef Tichy in CHL import draft - he is one of the best dmen in Czech junior extraleague. I hope they won't bring him over there, as he is a cornerstone of our defence :] Too many Czechs were selected in import draft, 33 players is hurting our U18 team, which already relegated from A group. Blame Ruzicka and his Slavia boys (9 kids from Slavia in relegated team.)

    Josef is big guy with good offensive skills, kind of Pavel Kubina... He will probably play on U20 WJC, if things will go well.

  • One jealous Oilers blogger asked me about Milan Kytnar, the Slovak they drafted.
    Suffice it to say, I don't know a whole lot about him, and my expert in Slovakia isn't exactly getting A's in Kytnar Social Studies.

    Yes, I don't know everything about all Slovaks *Gasp*
    Here is his Hockey's Future profile

  • Photo of the Day: Jordin Tootoo in the TubTub
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    MY EYES!!! [*shudders*] what's with tootoo's gorilla hand?! maybe the pred's trainers should check that out...
    He clubs baby seals with it.
    I saw Milan Kytnar play at age 16, I wrote some general comments about him a few blog posts ago.

    I will be interesting to see if Kytnar decides to play for the newly formed Slovak National U20 team, or the Kelowna Rockets. I know he is currently in camp with the Slovak team, but that doesn't really mean anything.
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