Friday, May 18, 2007


Mike York's Wife Will Kick Your Ass!

by Jes

Mike York's wife is a real catty one ...

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A judge Friday convicted the wife of Philadelphia Flyers hockey player Mike York of assaulting her sister-in-law at Lake Columbia at a Labor Day weekend get-together.

"I believe she decked her sister-in-law and a cat fight ensued," Jackson County District Judge R. Darryl Mazur ruled after a bench trial.

Aimee York and Gilbert Cousino were charged with assaulting her sister-in-law, Julie Cousino. After hearing a half dozen witnesses for the prosecution and defense, Mazur found Gilbert Cousino not guilty and his daughter guilty.

Aimee, a certified teacher, testified her brother, Eric, and his wife, Julie, ganged up on her father during a heated argument and she came to her dad's rescue.

Both Aimee and Julie described a hair-pulling, kicking, punching brawl on the kitchen floor. Mazur concluded Aimee attacked first, without justification.

Witnesses also claimed Eric Cousino choked Aimee, and that brother Ryan Cousino also got involved. No one was hurt seriously.

The fight started when the family agreed they would spend the night of Sept. 2 at a karaoke bar. Julie and Eric Cousino said they decided to return to the Detroit area, because they did not want to be left alone at the lakefront home with their daughter.

Aimee York and Gilbert Cousino contend the couple was just angry they could not find a sitter and go to the bar, as they had the night before.

Wow, they couldn't find a sitter? Better kick some ass!

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Hey for some people karaoke just isn't their thing.
how come everything is filmed these days EXCEPT that?
Cat Fight? Cat Fight!!!!!

I find the fact that a judge used that term in an official statement hillarious.
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