Monday, May 14, 2007


Jaromir Jagr: Off the Market?

by Jes

Ooooh, here's some hockey gossip for my peeps.

It appears, according to this article, that Jaromir Jagr has finally got himself a woman to 'settle down' with.

From a poor Russian translation from this here linkage, it would appear ...

  • The lady is Ina Pugaykovoy, born in 1986 in Ukraine (21 years old)
  • Two years ago, she won the Czech title of "Miss Internet"
  • The ceremony will be held on July 7th in Karlovy Vary.
  • The marriage will be performed in the Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

  • Of course, we know Russian tabloids aren't always that reliable, but I see a Slovak tabloid, Bleskovky, is also reporting the same news.

    Talk about robbing the cradle ...

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    Good for him, and god bless her.
    And here I was hoping he'd go and make an honest woman out of Petr Prucha after shacking up with him... instead he goes and trades him in for a younger, nipplier version.
    ...There's such a thing as 'Miss Internet'?
    Didn't he already lose half his money gambling on poker online? Now he wants to lose the other half gambling on a puck bunny online? What an idiot,
    Mike Modano
    Hey Jagre's rich, and what's the point of being rich if you can't have a wife whom is almost young enough to be your daughter.
    I though that Jagr and Prucha were gay. Maybe this will work out to be an exciting threesome....everyone deserves to be happy.
    check out if you have a kid in hockey - the best site
    doesnt jagr know that i would have gladly been his wife
    it was my dream in life until i just read this god awful news.
    i hope it doesnt work out.. who needs a web slut when you can have me
    jagr do better!! dude you could get any other girl in the snap of a finger!! not a good choise to have a striper girl if you wont to have any children, which will probably happen looking at these pics of this nut head!! so put on ur hottie clothes and go out there and flirt!!!!!!! all the best11 ur#1 fan11
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