Saturday, April 28, 2007


Vancouver's Daily Double

by Jes

Just one look, and I knew ...
You would make everything clear ...
Make all the clouds disappear.
Put all your fears to rest.
Who do I love the best?"

Ahhh... I love it when the Giants and Canucks both win in the same night.

Yep, lost in the Canucks double-OT win was the fact that the Vancouver Giants beat up on the Prince George Cougars to advance to the WHL finals. Go figure that they did it in 5 games, just as they did to Seattle and Chilliwack. They are off to Medicine Hat to face the Tigers, giving them a fourth chance to make an animal extinct (Bruins, Thunderbirds, Cougars... go Giants!)

Racey Wacey Rabbit was on frickin fire in this series, scoring six times and adding two assists in the five games. Is he gonna make the NHL? probably not, but that doesn't mean he isn't kickin some butt in the junior ranks.

Most of the other Canucks bloggers (and that drunken Duck blogger) have had their say on last night's win over the Ducks, so I don't need to ramble on too long. Most of what I had to say is over at The NHL Fanhouse. If you don't visit that site thrice a day, you better start, lest I get Jan Bulis on your ass.

  • Trevor Linden is, after Roberto Luongo, THE MAN. No, not the one that oppresses you, but the one who is clutch in the playoffs. While the Sedin's are snoozing away, Linden sets up OT winners and works his ass off. The Canucks better bring him back next season.

  • Nice pass by Chris Pronger on the Naslund goal.

  • Jeff Cowan is an uber streaky scorer. He goes like 3 months without a goal, and then scores a whole bunch during a week-long stretch. Does this coincide with moon phases?

  • How about them Thrashers? *snicker*

  • The Canucks couldn't bury chances, couldn't score on the Power Play, took bad penalties, kept giving up good chances, and still won the game!! If you don't watch the Canucks much, then you probably don't realize that they win 95% of their games like this. Somehow, the Canucks just find ways to win despite looking about as co-ordinated as Chris Wells in a puck control relay.
    (Bonus points if anyone gets that reference)

  • The Canucks NEEDED this win. I'm sorry, but there is no way this Canucks team comes back from a 2-0 deficit against a team like the Ducks. They needed this split like Carole James needs a personality.
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    What, is Dennis Miller guestblogging?
    That's twice in the past two days that I've been compared to Dennis Miller.

    I'm quite flattered ;)
    How about them Thrashers? *snicker*

    Do you really want to hurt me?
    (boots up Karma Chemeleon.mp3)
    When will Vancouverites allow Linden to retire? Let him walk into the sunset with his head held high... and not like how we Pittsburghers will remember the waaaay past his prime Lemieux struggling with a bad ticker.

    Time to walk away, Linden. The NHLPA needs you.
    "like Carole James needs a personality" --that's classic BC. love it.
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