Friday, April 20, 2007


Photo of the Day: Alfredsson is Smokin', Too!

Another crazy Swede in another crazy picture ...

Daniel Alfredsson


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To be fair to my captain, this was taken during the lockout when he played in Sweden and his team won the championship there. They ALL took pictures like this. Or so I'm told.

Where this photo evidence is I don't know, but it has to exist!
apropos of nothing, I worked with a chick who said she met Alfie and couldn't get over how big his thighs were.
This guy is wearing gold glittered body paint, right?
this is the normal skin colour for Alfie. he's not wearing any body paint in this picture. every other time you've seen him he's been wearing caucasian body paint.
In his other life, Alfie is a bronzed Norse God.
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