Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Party Pics: Jordan Staal <3 Evgeni Malkin

*sigh* Kids these days ...
Jordan Staal Evgeni Malkin Kiss

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Haha, I love how you find these drunk NHL player photos. Just great.

Hey Jes,

Does the term "threesome" mean something different in Canada?

But... if you think about it a little, who would you rather kiss Malkin or horse-face over there?
Why is nobody else concerned that that girl looks at least 26? Jordan's practically jailbait!
The best part of that picture is the girl with the dentures. She's so happy to be partying with hockey players, she's losing her teeth!
she looks like she could fit 6-7 hotdogs in her mouth
I always thought Jordan Staal would end up with Sidney Crosby before going after Evgeni Malkin. I mean, it's obvious. Malkin = Andre the Giant
hahaha, wow. i love drunken pics.
Also, it should be noted that Malkin was totally expecting to French in that shot.
Tell me...how do you find these pics?

how is her drink staying like that. it should be spilling or at least coming close.
wow... i was google image searching for a pic of malkin and i find this. lol.

and the best part is i know that girl hahahaha.
6-7 hotdogs? She fits 12 easy, I've seen it.

Someone tell me,

WHo's girl is that?

Jordan's or Malkin's?



uggh that isnt jordan thats his brother eric and that girl is his wife
that girl is awesome. i know her personally. jealous haters.
the drink is erics and the girl has horse teeth wait it should be jordan stall kissing malking not eric dont you think
Wow, now we know what they do on there off days btw when the picture was taken Geno was still Oskana and she was cut out of the pic
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