Monday, April 09, 2007


Party Pics: Ed Belfour, Professional Drunk

by Jes

So, it appears Ed Belfour is at it again: getting drunk, fighting police, and dragging some poor teammate into the fray as well.

In honour of another dubious arrest, here are some classic pictures of Ed Belfour getting drunk at some frat house with Tie Domi and Mats Sundin. Good times, eh?
Belfour drunk

$1 billion says Ed Belfour lost this match...

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See, I wish I could have used that top pic over at FanHouse, but no dice. Thanks for hookin' 'em up, Jes.
Those are some seriously hideous drunk faces.

I hope nobody is wondering why Sundin is still single.
Belfour is my hero.
What does Eagle turd smell like anyways?
I appreciate a solid drunk, even if he is an ex-Leaf.
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