Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Own a Piece of Playoff History!

by Jes

You knew it had to happen... Brent Sopel missed Game One of the Stars-Canucks playoffs, due to all things... a cracker-based injury.

Now you can be the proud owner of said cracker, now on sale on Ebay.

Yeah, my girlfriend was surfing around Ebay and found this strange auction right here.

Yeah, some enterprising profiteer managed to snag up the snack treat that caused Sopel so much pain.
It happened last week, on a day not unlike this one..

Brent, who was feeling fatigued and weary from hard practice before playoffs, decided to unwind and indulge in some delicious crackers. It was at that exact moment of vulnerability that that cracker struck, sending shocks of pain throughout his back, and side-lining him for the first games of the playoff series.

While I was barely able to fend off the cracker long enough to place it inside a ziplock bag, I was around its evil long enough to speculate that its place of origin is undoubtably Dallas, Texas.

While I wish from the bottom of my heart that Sopel makes a speedy return, I can do my part by taking this evil curse as far away from Vancouver as possible.

Boy, you can find anything on Ebay! (Except for Tommy Seebach merchandise. Trust me, I've looked!)

It is also interesting to note that this is a Stoned Wheat Thin. Damn things always get stuck in my teeth. I always knew they were evil ... say, aren't they made by a Swedish company?

PS: I'm officially growing a playoff moustache.

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