Monday, April 30, 2007


It's so Awesome to (not) be Sidney Crosby

Despite the fact that I have a very clear disclaimed at the top of The Sidney Crosby Show blog that says ...

(I am not Sidney Crosby or officially affiliated with Sidney Crosby, just so you know)

... it doesn't seem to stop people from sending me emails, somehow thinking that I am Sidney Crosby, himself.

I mean, other than the fact that I have no endorsement deals, hockey skills, horse teeth, longish hair, millions of dollars, and a big nose, we're pretty much similar, no?

Just a sample of emails I've had in the past month ...

" Your so hot dont change =p"

Ok, I won't.

"Hey sidney i heard that u want to learn french. I have a sister who is 18 that speaks very well in french and is willing to teach you. i also heard that you were were looking for a girl who will go with your hockey schule, we have a brother who plays hockey and we go to every game so we are really big hockey fans so my sister go's good with hockey schule and she would love life on the road.

to contact me email me at"

We know puckbunnies aren't exactly MIT graduates, but the level of grammar and spelling in some of these emails is downright scary. Sidney's bunnies are pretty hungry for some tutoring. Would Sidney accept any French tutoring from somebody who's family clearly lacks in writing skills?

And from some Swedish guy ...

"I am a big fan of Sidney Crosby, and i would be werry happy if i could get you autogarf.

I am living in sweden so i need to stay up late evry evning when pitsburgh
plays to see you do goals!

IF i could get you autogarf, you can send it too [Address withheld out of mercy]"

Oh, and random scary comment of the day:
"hey sidney my ex-boyfriend is obsessed with you his name is preston rogers!!!"

Ahh, the benefits of blogging... Now, excuse me while I go sign some autogarfs for Preston Rogers.

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Imagine what kind of e-mails you'd get if you hosted "The Sean Avery Show"?

THAT would be scary
Haha that gave me a much needed laugh at work...thanks for that.
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