Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Greg's Second Round Picks

by Greg

(for Jes's picks, click here.)

Western Conference

Anaheim vs. Vancouver - Canucks in 7

I think they're pretty evenly matched, in the end. Edge goes to Vancouver because it would be unseemly for me to pick against them so soon after I jumped on their bandwagon.

Detroit vs. San Jose - Red Wings in 6

I feel pretty unclean making that pick, but as I've mentioned before, nothing about this Sharks team really thrills me. (Of course, they don't need to thrill me -- just win -- but I don't think they'll do that, either.)

Eastern Conference

New Jersey vs. Ottawa - Devils in 7

I've got some sort of mental block -- I just really don't think that it's possible for the Senators to win in the playoffs. If they were going up against some other team, and not the Robot Overlords of New Jersey, I might feel better, but...

Buffalo vs. NY Rangers - Sabres in 6

I have a feeling I'll regret this one, actually. Before round one I questioned the Rangers' heart and goaltending -- both were great against the poor, beleaguered Thrashers. They might have enough to beat the Sabres. But since my gut instincts are almost unfailingly wrong -- I'll go with my head here.

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I think they're pretty evenly matched, in the end.

You're kidding, right?

I hate Anaheim and everything, but Vancouver is gone in 5 games or less.
As I started mentally composing my response, detailing exactly why I thought the Canucks would play the Ducks tough, I turned on the tv to find that the score had gone from 1-1 to 3-1 in the (short) time it took me to drive home from work. Ahhh, the hell with it.
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