Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It's Time for Duck L'Anaheim: Canuck Style!

Duck Hunt by Jes

Now that the Canucks are set to meet the Ducks and do a little Duck Hunting, it's time for a new recipe.

Here is how the Canucks will make Duck L'Anaheim.

1. Devise strategy to locate and trap Duck (Vigneault)
2. Trip the Duck (Morrison)
3. Shoot Duck (Salo)
4. Beat Duck (Bieksa)
5. Catch Duck (Luongo)
6. Accidentally drop duck (Bulis)
7. Chop it's legs off (Burrows)
8. Start Cooke-ing the duck
9. Slowly turn the duck round and round and round (Sedins)
10. Add some spice (Cowan)
11. Finish Cooke-ing the Duck, and serve with a glass of Brian Burke Whine
12. Don't forget to wash your dishes afterward with a bit of Sopel
13. Save some room for spicey Red Wings or Shark Fin soup.

I have a much more extensive preview of the Canucks/Ducks series over at The NHL Fanhouse. BE sure to check out that and the other good previews there.

I also get a bet going with Earl Sleek of the Battle of California. When the Ducks are cooked, he gets to embarrass himself for my pleasure.

2nd Round Predictions:

Anaheim vs. Vancouver - Ducks in 6.
Canucks won't be able to score enough against a tough, goonish Anaheim team.

Detroit vs. San Jose - Wings in 7
Red Wings can stop Thornton/Cheechoo like the Predators couldn't.

New Jersey vs. Ottawa - Senators in 6
Senators have much more offensive depth and seem much more prepared to pay the price needed to win playoff hockey games.

Buffalo vs. New York Rangers - Sabres in 5
Sabres will have their way with the Rangers D in a very high-scoring series.

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Uhh. There is a critical flaw in your strategy. You left out scoring on the Duck. Bad chef.

This isn't Colorado, where we do strange things to animals or with animals. Just look at the way you play with those little chickens!! *gasp*
What, the Peeps? That's is good wholesome Easter fun.

While you guys float whales around the ceiling of your arena. That isn't strange? Sicko ;)

Did you see this?

What's with you Slovaks?...
Dang... I guess our recipe gave us indigestion instead of a good meal :(

Time to head back to the kitchen. I say we need some more grit and more people shooting the Duck.
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