Sunday, April 22, 2007


Canucks Whine: Vintage 2007

by Jes

I know I'm not the only Canucks fan in a complete panic now, given how the Canucks score less than Bill Gates during his Harvard years.


This team is choosing the worst time to be an offensive black hole. No goals in two games??? Ugh... I post some of the nasty stats over at The NHL Fanhouse.

My girlfriend, too, is sharing my pain. Here are her thoughts:

Well, this series is an exercise in frustration. Often it seems like the Canucks have gotten used to the idea of getting a goal at the last minute (just how many one-goal wins have we seen with the winning goal scored in the dying minutes of the third or in OT?), so seem to spend great periods of time just meandering around on the ice like a bunch of zombies. Only Luongo seems to be alive out there for the Canucks side, but being a goalie, we can't expect him to stand on his head and score goals too.

Will someone FREAKING score already? The Sedins have been shut down and didn't even register a SHOT in the sixth game. So why isn't someone standing up, getting their butt in front of Marty Turkey and and at least making his saves harder? It isn't hard to figure out people!

Anyways... this team wasn't even expected to make the playoffs this year, much less be the divisional leader and take the Cup. But now that we have had a taste of a good Canucks team in the latter half of the year, we wanna CUP! And we don't want to see these pre-Christmas idiots anymore.

I'm not the only one in whine mode...

Alluring Alanah over at Canucks and Beyond:
It is NOT okay. From the time the puck dropped, that was a team full of so much disinterest, aside from a couple players (Luongo, Burrows...? someone else maybe? oh, who cares… Burrows comes to mind because he hit someone, and I approve; and Luongo was, well, Luongo) that it’s surprising the crowd didn’t start throwing vegetables at them.

Zanstorm at Waiting for Stanley:
Vancouver stabbed themselves in the foot early in the game by taking 2 consecutive penalties, allowing Dallas to score a PP goal (Modano) with the 2-man advantage. Mattias Ohlund coughed the puck up in the 3rd leading to a Jeff Halpern killer goal.

Chalk it up as an off night for Vancouver. An off-night that may cost them the series.

For now, we can console ourselves with the fact that we still have home-ice advantage, and that you KNOW the Canucks will come out better in Game 7. They have to. As well, there is a small chance that both Sergei Zubov and Brendan Morrow may not play in Game 7. God, that would be sweet.
What is concerning me is that it seems like an eternity since they scored their last goal. It seems that none of the lines are clicking, due mostly to the fact that Dallas is shutting them down.

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Gah, the Canucks better win Game 7! Though at least there won't be a riot if they lose since everyone will be lulled to sleep by this boring crappy offense.
The hatred between the Sharks and Stars has subsided over the years. Meanwhile, my loathing of Marc Crawford trumps even the unshakable distaste for all things Texas (except the MLS Dynamo).

Jes, I'll tell you when it will be *on* between you and I: Sharks/Canucks of course, if it should come to that. However, we can count on USL-1 bad blood as the expansion California Victory (based in SF) open the season in your town v. the Whitecaps.

Are the emergency rooms in Vancouver equipped to handle all of the bandwagon fans' broken ankles?

Seriously, if the collapse is completed (for the 5th time in Canucks' history) it couldn't happen to a better fanbase.
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