Monday, March 12, 2007


Why Hockey is Better than Baseball

by Jes

It's March, which means Spring Training has begun for my second-favourite sport: Baseball!!

Still, this IS a hockey blog, and I am Canadian, so I am obliged to point out what makes Hockey #1 and baseball a distant #2.

Here's one (edited) list, from Hockey vs Baseball, by Dan "Curly-Haired Boyfriend" Shaughnessy (published in the 1992 Flyers' Wives Fight for Lives Program)

1. Contact is allowed. Think about it. What Roger Clemens did in Game 4 of the AL Championship Series would go unnoticed in any hockey game. Give the ref a little shove. Tell him you'll find out where he lives. Tell him to have another doughnut. Nobody will say you're stressed out. It's no big deal. (Jes: Umm, give the ref a little shove and you can expect a nice long suspension)

2. Hockey players don't make as much money. They're more in touch with you and me. (Ok, so this one is becoming outdated....)

3. Hockey has Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones. Basball has Jose and ??? Canseco (Original line was Esther Canseco, but I think we're a few wives down the line now, with little improvement.)

4. Hockey is fast, faster, fastest. Baseball is glacier slow.

5. Carla, the waitress on Cheers, was married to a hockey player.

6. Hockey players don't do as many autograph shows and they come much cheaper.

7. Baseball players live on the disabled list. Hockey players take 30 stitches to the hand, spit on the wounds, and go back on the ice for more.

8. Hockey had The Rocket before baseball.

9. Hockey skills are instantly visible. When Bobby Orr played, a novice viewer immediately knew that Orr was the best player on the ice. Take your son to see Will Clark and the big guy might strike out four times and make you look bad.

10. Slapshot was better than Bull Durham.

11. Hockey has Gordie Howe. Baseball had Steve Howe.

12. Hockey coaches can dress like adults. (Jes: Imagine Marc Crawford wearing a Kings uniform. Exactly)


Here are a few others...

13. Hockey Hair (Sopel, Smyth...) - Much better than bad afros and cornrows.

14. Ice Girls vs. Ball Girls - No contest

15. Steroids Scandal. What steroids scandal? NHL actually tests for steroids, and we know it wouldn't be quite as beneficial for a hockey player (ask Brent Sopel).

16. Hockey has Brent Sopel - Baseball has no Brent Sopel

17. Hockey preseason games have fights - Baseball preseason games have regular players leaving after 3 innings of 'work'.

18. Lou Pinella might be a fiery guy, but he'd get his ass kicked by any NHL coach not named Paul Maurice.

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"Baseball players live on the disabled list. Hockey players take 30 stitches to the hand, spit on the wounds, and go back on the ice for more." This might be the #1 reason for me. Hockey players are far superior. In general, I love baseball, but hockey wins by a mile. During the weird transition times with the seasons, I always try to switch back and forth between hockey and baseball games, and ALWAYS end up watching hockey. Side by side, there's no comparison.
And Dan Shaughnessy is some-degree cousin of mine, something I am not proud of.
Before the labor stoppage of 1994 that canceled the World Series, I loved baseball. Even though the NHL stopped work two years ago, the MLBPA has a history of demanding more money.

The money came, the fans left, and we all know how Barry Bonds spent his paycheck (see BALCO).

I can't imagine another sport where out-of-shape, overweight men can be heralded multi-millionaires while NHL still gets relegated to "that other sport" here in the states.

I don't follow baseball anymore and I surely don't miss it.
I used to play baseball on basic school, it was in early 90s, we got a bunch of gloves and bats as a gift from some american foundation to develop the sport over here in Czechia, but after two years playing in quite regulary I learned that baseball is one of the worst sport for kids and probably the most boring sport at all.

There is no other sport wehre teammates has so many chances to argue with each other, to blame teammates about bad throws and missed hits.

After two years we abandoned playing baseball and returned to well known and much-more-fun-to-play soccer, basketball, voleyball, street hockey and floorball (unihockey, innebandy). Specially the last mentioned floorball became the fastest developing sport in last 10 years and became most favorite sport for kids in the country.
I totally agree with you. Remember the old hockey promo, "Golf would be better if it were Hockey"? I feel the same about baseball. Hockey players get paid less work harder and are always humbled by the fans. Show me another sport where this happens...You won't find one
when spring comes and i hear the crack of a wooden bat, their is nothing that compares. PS Baseball players are in great shape, what do you think this is 1920?
guess u don't post comments that disagrees with you.
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