Monday, March 05, 2007


Photo of the Day: An Indecent Proposal

Gee, I wonder what the answer to this query was...
Eric Staal

Actually, it seems more of a demand than a question O.O
(Those Avs fans are strange folks, I tells ya)

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That wistful look on her face is priceless.

If I were Staal, I would invest in one of those motion sensors that tells you if someone is hiding behind the driver's seat of your car.

I can't vouch for other female Avs fans' taste in men, but I will say we are a determined people.

Or at least I hope we are, for other reasons entirely.
This broad obviously hasn't seen the choice meat pro athletes get. She'd be lucky if the zamboni driver would date her on my credit card.
I wonder if she cares which Staal, because there's more than one of them after all. I guess she can reuse it at another game if he says no.

[quiet voice]jordanisbetteranyways[/qv]
A month old and still funny.

The marriage proposals and true confessions never seem to grow old.

I just want to see someone wearing an Alexander Semin Capitals jersey with a big sign that says "I love Semin!"
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