Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Pavol Demitra: Enforcer?

by Jes

Pavol Demitra is awesome at many things: passing, shooting, stick-handling, skating, fashion, and Sudoku.

As the great ones often do, Pavol felt like he needed a challenge, so he took up...fighting?

Yeah, apparently Pavol Demitra came to the aid of his BFFL, Marian Gaborik, and used the old UFC ground-and-pound on Marc Savard to score the KO victory.

From Wild Puck Banter:

Near the end of last night's win over the Bruins, Marian Gaborik took a clean hit behind the net from Andrew Ference. Pavol Demitra immediately came to his defense, dropping the gloves to fight Marc Savard. This is Demitra's first fight this year and it really wasn't much of a scrap. It's not exactly breaking news, but Marian and Pavol are pretty tight. They sit together on the bench, chat it up during practice and I wouldn't be surprised if they wear matching outfits on the road.

It certainly wasn't much of a scrap as Demitra scored a quick victory. Need evidence? Here it is...

Ph33r the Pavol!

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Pav is a legend. The Wild deserve more mentions on here.
Sudoku... haha that is awesome.

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