Monday, March 19, 2007


Party Pics: Kiprusoff and Phaneuf are Smokin!

by Jes

It seems the spirit of the 1970's New York Rangers hasn't died out completely.

Here's Miikka Kiprusoff and Dion Phaneuf at a classy strip club, smoking on a couple of cancer sticks and enjoying the company of a few bunnies.

Dion Phaneuf

Now, Kipper is a known smoker, but Phaneuf? Should a d-man playing 25+ mins a night really be inhaling cigarette smoke?

Methinks one Sutter brother won't be too happy to see this!

(Edit: Looks like the evil bastards over at The Battle of Alberta beat me to the punch.)

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What? No glove tap to BoA for the photo?
Mike W,

Sorry, but I didn't see the photo on your site until lunch time today. I got this pic off of a message board. I guess these things spread out kind of fast, eh.
No problemo. Figured either you hadn't seen it or the same person was emailing the photo to all the sites.

It's actually Battle of Alberta's "scoop," not Covered in Oil's.
Those smokes probably cost them 20k a piece in team fines. The league has come a long way from the days when players use to light up between periods - now they have to light up after hours in the backrooms of strips clubs.
"Phaneuf honey don't smoke. Mommy's asking you just this one time."
Sadly, I'm pretty horrified by this pic. I heard the rumors but I chose to stay in denial. Oh well, I guess it explains why our season has pretty much gone up in smoke (insert corny music here).
Given you just said he plays 25+ minutes a game, it’s obvious he doesn’t smoke often or enough to effect his stamina
is this actually true?! i flipping love phaneuf and don't want him to smoke. D=
wow its hard to believe my children look up to phanuef and kipper. shame on them as i have great disrespect for them. i even own a phanuef jersey. they should get fined for this.
Big deal! Oh my G-d they are smoking cigarettes! These guys are entitled to go out and have a good time as they please. They shouldnt have to conform to some of your opinions of what a star athlete should and shouldnt do.
i agree. what just because they are professionals they have to be on the clock ALL the time? let the boys have some fun!! they are young, a lot of them far away from home... give em a break if they want to live a little!! its not like anything illicit is going on inthis pic anyways. quite frankly i like the flames a lot more now for this reason :P
for the record, this is the staff area at cowboys, a night club - not a 'classy strip club'. i used to work there. i will admit that it is a sleazy meat market of a night club, however.
I AGREE 100%. With all the pressure on these guys to perform, they deserve to have a little fun. Not to mention this pic was probably taken off season, when they can afford to have a cig or a beer every now and then. Proffesional hockey players are humans too! Go FLAMES Go!
So funny, especially since I remember seeing Phaneuf getting beaten all the time a week ago by Mason Raymond, because he was too tired due to the fact he played the night before. A lot player play the night before, but he was just so winded out there. Too funny. Kipper is on the decline too, hmmm...

Good luck, Cowgary!
yea im sure they are just really declining from those cigs.. like seriously give me a break.. and if anyone knew anything a beer is actually healthy for you but i really cant beleive people are making a big deal out of this and the last guy that commented ifeel like should be just slapped in the face,and if im not mistaken these are grown men so if ur kids are looking up to them maybe they should look up to the jonas brothers or some other disney characters.. get a life..
Who cares? why dont we talk about how he plays HOCKEY and NOT what he does in his personal life. He's not hurting anyone so leave it alone. If you want to talk about hockey check out It seems that this site doesn't talk about the game. If I wanted to reak this I would have bought a "gossip" mag.
Okay, I absolutely HATE when people smoke. But really people, that's their choice. They can do what they want. I don't personally like it, but hey, who cares about my opinion really? You shouldn't hate them all of a sudden because you see one picture of them smoking. Calm down, they're big boys, let them do whatever the hell they want. Don't be going around saying "IM DISGRACED!"..calm the fuck down.
That's BS kipper takes ace of himself!! It's conroy in the pic
wow,didnt know that Kipper was a smoker.
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