Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Crosby vs. Ovechkin: The Fashion Files

by Jes

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin participated in a recent off-ice photoshoot to show off their typical casual styles.

Sidney Crosby:

Sidney Crosby

Sidney's black shirt with dark blue jeans is a simple combination that can blend in nicely in most situations. It's modest, like Sidney, and doesn't stand out much. It's hard to score any negative points with a simple style like this, other than the fact it might remind you of Simon Cowell.

Alexander Ovechkin:
Alexander Ovechkin

Ovechkin, on the other hand, can't decide if he's a geeky EMO loser or a rebel "Sk8r Boi". It's obvious that Ovechkin is an attention whore and is trying way too hard to look cool. All that's missing is the iPod. Pull up your frickin pants, son!

Winner: CROSBY - Without even trying, Crosby wins this contest hands down. While Sid may look a tad generic, Ovechkin comes across as a poorly dressed cliche in desperate need of some loving from his mother.

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Now we all know that Ovechkin likes to wear boxers. Dolce & Gabanna no less. Wearing it that high is just asking for a wedgie.
I admit Crosby whops Ovechkins boxers in this round, but Crosbys style is still very bland.
I love that you analyzed their two photos. That made my day. haha.
I like Ovechkin`s style a bit more (at least he has one), but he needs to pull up his pants. Its called "underwear" for a reason, d00d!
I don't the Dolce & Gabanna is actually the bottom part of the white jacket he's wearing, and not his underwear. Even so, it's still ugly.
Anonymous is right. Take a closer look, and you'll see that the black band is part of the sweatshirt. At least Ovechkin is willing to take a few risks fashion-wise. Crosby just looks like another boring Canadian jock who starts every sentence with "Well, obviously..."
Well, obviously we can't really tell where Ovy's shirt ends and his boxer begins.

How many non-METRO or non-gay guys wear D&G? Exactly! Real men don't need that high-falootin' fashion.

Even if Ovy is Russian, it's no excuse for looking like a bitch.
I'll admit the Crosby photo may turn many men on but you know, this just isn't fair. There needs to be a full on battle. Margee at Sportsquee is an expert at those.

I guess you guys prefer men who come with their own lip gloss and mascara.
I sent the picture of Alex to my Ovechkin-loving friend and she responded:
Haha so clearly he's doing something right. He can pull off looking ridiculous because he IS ridiculous, just like Crosby can pull off looking boring and modest because he is boring and modest.
Well even if that's the bottom of his white top, the pants still seem pretty darn low.

I may have to make it my life mission to give him a wedgie now.
well seeing as i'm a sidney crosby fan of corse i'll favor him, but hey ovechkin's just showing that he likes fashion and the two were raised up differently so they'll obviously have different tastes in style..but remember THEY'RE HOCKEY PLAYERS, not fashion experts so why does it even matter?!
Maybe you're just an idiot and realize that Russians have a very unique style.
Russians do have a distinct style. Just ask me. That is nothing really out of the ordinary over there.

Besides look at the shirt again. Is there not black sleeve cuffs, as well as a black collar attached? So is the band around the bottom that says: "Dolce and Gabbana". It isn't his undergarments, I have seen him wear this exact same shirt after a practice. It isn't a pair of men undergarments, I assure you that.

Crosby can just suck it as far as I am concerned, dude is boring as hell.

There is only one thing I don't get about the picture of OV, why is the stick RBK, when his sponser is CCM Vector?

you really think those guy choose what they will wear on those pics?!

how stupid are you.. they get dressed up by specialists who analyse what kind of people love those players and how they want them to be dressed. Im pretty sure ovechkin doesnt give a fuck. he will get 250K for dressing like a teenager and you can say what you want
I agree with Anonymouse.this is a photo shoot nobody gets to deside what they wear. i still love ovechkin he IS better and hotter than the _______ crosby. So stop talking shit about him. and why the hell do u care of what kind of boxers he wears or why he wears them? if he likes dolce&gabanna thats his businesse not urs.if u have a prob solve it k.
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