Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Asshat of the Day: Patrick Roy, the Sore Loser.

By Jes
Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy sure seems to win this award quite often. Why can't somebody just smack this asshole with a Canadian Tire snow shovel?

Not too long ago, Patrick Roy got in some trouble for beating up the owner of the Sagueneens. Patrick Roy got off pretty much scot-free, since he's rather oily and things don't tend to stick to him.

Well, Psycho Patty was at it again with his actions in a recent QMJHL game.

Down 5-3 late in the game, Patrick Roy decided to send out his goons to rough up the opposing team, rather than try to score and come back in the game.

Hockey legend and Quebec Remparts coach Patrick Roy is in the middle of another junior hockey brouhaha with members of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens.

Roy and Sagueneens' coach Richard Martel were each fined $2,000 by the Quebec Junior Hockey League on Tuesday, two days after they engaged in an animated shouting match from their respective benches during a game.

Officials called the game, which Chicoutimi won 5-3, with 15 seconds remaining in the third period following a huge brawl.

At one point, Chicoutimi coach Richard Martel took off his jacket and invited Roy to fight.

Neither coach ended up leaving their bench.

Roy, who both coaches and co-owns the Remparts, called on the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League to crack down on coaches who goad the opposing team's players.

"That kind of attitude has no place in the league and we should throw out those who act like that," Roy said.

Ahh, you gotta love that quote from Roy, who has pretty much let his rage get out of control more times than a 3-year old child can count.

Who was it that put their goons on the ice? Oh, that would be Patty. Geez, Patty, are you really shocked that a brawl started? Can somebody say, 'Sore Loser'?

Obviously, Patrick Roy has competitive issues and seems to think that he is above the rules and the law. It's time for the QMJHL to stop treating Roy with kid gloves and come down hard on the guy. Roy has a track record of bad behaviour, and it won't get better if people continue to allow him to run rampant over people.

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Your hard on for roy is HUGE! ehhhh jiz?
Roy just loves the limelight....and he always will. He does need to cool the temper fits down otherwise he'll never end up in the NHL as a coach. Come check us out at The Good stuff.
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