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Patrick Roy is at it again!!

By Gőlbez
Patrick Roy

In the Pantheon of hockey's jerks, Patrick Roy has always been one of the kings of the court. While he earned respect for his incredible goaltending abilities and successes, we've hardly ever heard a good word about his character.

During last year's Memorial Cup, Roy was flipping his gums about the Vancouver Giants goaltending and sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. There was the primadonna whining his way out of Montreal, the domestic spat with his wife. and a whole mountain of other things that make you want to smack the guy with a rotten koho salmon.

Well, Roy is back at it again with an assault charge levied against him.
Former NHL all-star goalie Patrick Roy is facing assault charges after allegedly getting into a shoving match following a major junior hockey game in Chicoutimi, north of Quebec City.

Roy, who both owns and coaches the Quebec City Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, is accused of hitting an opposing team's owner.

Police say about 50 fans of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens prevented the visiting Remparts players from boarding their team bus after a Friday night game.

Roy reportedly then got off the bus and attacked the Sagueneens owner.
Is anyone really surprised? The guy has obviously had some serious anger issues and can't let go of his competitive nature once he's off of the ice.

Here's more from the Montreal Gazette:
Saguenay police said a detective will be assigned to the case today. No formal charges have been laid yet.

"A complaint has been filed (against Roy) and we are investigating," Constable Bruno Cormier said yesterday.

"When we're done, it will be up to a crown prosecutor whether there will be charges."

Police said about 50 Sagueneens fans stopped the Remparts players from boarding a team bus set to leave the arena following a hard-fought game that Chicoutimi won 3-2 in a shootout.

According to the Sagueneens organization, a league official asked someone from the Chicoutimi club to urge the fans to disperse and to help the Remparts players get on the bus for the ride home. Pierre Cardinal, one of the Chicoutimi team's owners, stepped in.

It is alleged that Roy got off the bus and a scuffle ensued. Police say they were told Cardinal was hit a number of times.

The Remparts organization offered no comment yesterday. Roy's team plays this afternoon against the Rimouski Oceanic at the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City.
Now, I can understand the situation might have seemed dangerous and something needed to be done. At the same time, does Patrick Roy need to start beating on the opposing team's owner? NO.

Where's Mike Vernon when you need him?

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Was that last video really necessary? Was it, I ask you?
Seems about in keeping with the Q's history of "keeping it classy."
Vernon >> Roy >> Roy's wife
In fairness to Roy, he has the photo of his bloodied face blown-up and framed in his office, now. This was taken after little Vernie clocked him, of course. One of the greatest days ever, in hockey history.

Also, it should be noted that he ripped the doors off their hinges at his home, the day after he won a major award (was it the Vezina?), and his wife informed him that in-laws were coming to spend the night at their home. Patty was probably drunky, or at least hung-over from the after-party at the awards ceremony. His actions cannot be faulted, in this case. Anyone would have done the same.

Yes, that video was very necessary and drove home the point like a Demitra one-timer.


A Wings fan is defending Patrick Roy? Hell must be chilly right now
Charges dropped by candy a**ed Sagueneens coach,
All those years of being owned has made jez mighty bitter.
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