Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Video of the Day: NHL All-Star Promo Video

It's not too often that the NHL produces a marketing effort that I actually enjoy and would want others to see.

Check out this funny ad, with more proof that Alexander Ovechkin is a jealous punk!

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*does a Muttley laugh*
I got a laugh out of Luongo and Miller pranking Turco!

And Thornton stealing all the mints! (Hey, who hasn`t wanted to raid the mint tray from the maids' cart?)
It really brings out the "kid" in the players. I suppose they're trying to sell the fact that the players aren't all behemoths on skates looking to demolish an opponent at every chance they get.
True... Hockey is still perceived as incredibly low brow and violent in a lot of markets. This ad makes it hard to picture them running around screaming for blood. :p
Have to love Crosby imitating Seinfeld.
I love it but I'm bummed that the amazingness didn't translate well to my sisters. I bet Crosby's just mad that Ovechkin already ate most of the food before him anyway. Two fillet mignons before a game? Holy.
Nice work getting the U.S. Olympic hockey team's "Tribute to Keith Moon" into the storyboards.
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