Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Todd Bertuzzi to the Wings. Get Your Hate On!

by Jes

I'm not going to bother commenting on every single deal, as there are other sites to view that sort of thing and I don't take the day off of work to watch the Deadline Day madness.

Still, how can I pass on the opportunity to comment on the fact that Todd Bertuzzi, aka Grumpy Bear, is now heading to Detroit to play for the Red Wings.

I didn't think it was possible to hate that team any more than I do, but here we are, and the lazy prick with attitude problems has left Florida after playing only 7 uninspired games with the Panthers.

Oh, how delicious this is...

TSN is reporting
Todd Bertuzzi's stay in the Sunshine State could be short-lived, as the Florida Panthers have agreed on a package to trade the veteran power forward to the Detroit Red Wings.

In return, Detroit gets a conditional draft pick and a prospect.

Bertuzzi, 31, is in the final season of a four-year, $27.8 million contract and will become an unrestricted free agent in July.
How will the Wings react to having this guy on the roster? Remember how Bertuzzi pasted Chris Chelios to the boards a few years back during the Cloutier-choke playoff series?

Unless the Canucks have to face the Wings, in which Bertuzzi might actually give a damn, I wouldn't be all that scared of this club. The Wings haven't been getting great goaltending from Hasek (yet) and Bertuzzi, even if he does come back, is hardly worth ph33ring any longer.

We'll wait and see what the Panthers get back. Maybe they can actually recover a little something from the Luongo debacle.

(edit 1:26pm)

So, prospect Shawn Matthias (who?) and some conditional picks is what the Panthers get. We'll have to wait and see what the final price is, but I wish Jiri Hudler was included. Poor guy will never get a fair shake in Detroit.

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Well, I'm a Wings fan who loves your blog anyway!

I'm disgusted by this trade. I can't stand Bertuzzi and I can't believe this is really going to help the Wings any. I have to agree with your assessment of the goaltending. Bertuzzi is a cheap shot thug and always will be in my book.
If it really meant as little as you say you wouldn't be commenting on it, it bothers you the Wings got better and you feel a need to attack them (again). Predictable as always
The Wings got better and Canuck fans are just jealous? ROTFLMAO Enjoy your new floating pylon :p
Yea.. when I saw this trade.. my first thoughts were... "Hey, doesn't Detroit play Colorado quite often?"

So.. hockey's great rivalry continues with a fresh new chapter.
One more right wing out of Juraj Kolnik's way. Yes!
Bertuzzi is a much needed player for the wings, with all the thugs out there that cant play an honest game without try to injure talented players. so we got a bully for all the talentless thugs to be put in ther place. go wings, as longs as the officals dont have their nose up someones brown butt!
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