Friday, February 23, 2007


Raleigh Prepares for Tarantula Invasion

It looks like Anson "Tarantula Head" Carter is on the move real surprise, as the Dinner Jackets were eliminated from the playoffs before the season even began.


The Carolina Hurricanes have acquired the veteran winger from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for a fifth round draft pick in 2008.

Carter has 10 goals and 17 assists in 53 games with the Blue Jackets this season. In 663 career games with the Blue Jackets, Canucks, Kings, Capitals, Rangers, Oilers and Bruins, Carter has totals of 201 goals and 219 assists.

This is the seventh time Carter has been traded, second only behind Mike Sillinger (traded 10 times) among active NHL players.
And since Sillinger has that expensive 3-year contract, it's likely Carter could catch up to him in the near future.

Is this good for the Canes? Well, a 5th round pick is really cheap and there is little risk involved other than giving Carter TOO much ice time and not getting production.

I just don't see how the already powerful-at-forward Canes really need a guy like Carter, but it might just be enough to ensure they make the playoffs at all.

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We're powerful at forward when healthy. And there's the rub.

We have a lot of undisclosed injuries being nursed, and Cole tore a hip muscle this week. This is a great depth move for us, and we didn't give up anything of consequence to get it.
Exactly. We got a forward with decent enough numbers and he isn't afraid to hit. 'Canes could use that.
"a forward with decent enough numbers and he isn't afraid to hit."


I'll give you a dollar everytime Carter hits someone.
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