Saturday, January 13, 2007


Swedish Advertising Update

by Greg

There are days when motivation runs low, and for whatever reason, one of your bigger accomplishments is a slow surf through Swedish hockey sites (I think I was looking for a Pavel Trnka update) while lying on the couch.

Such a search actually proved slightly rewarding yesterday. If it wasn't for my utter torpor, I would never have found out about this:

The rather scared-looking fellow is Luleå goalie Mattias Modig; winding up to shoot is forward Robin Lindqvist.

As far as I can tell (I can't read Swedish -- though yes, thanks, I can read the "No Action Without Protection" bit), it's all part of a safe sex campaign. Certainly one I support, and hopefully quite effective. I'm trying and failing to imagine a North American team, especially down in the region where I live, taking on a similar task -- and I'm really having a hard time imagining NHL players suiting up for similar ads. I would imagine Modig is taking a bit of ribbing around the Elitserien for his role.

(The second, less-goofy ad is here. I wonder if the condom company paid a product placement fee...)

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Well, I saw ads for Viagra at GM Place on Thursday night. The NHL might not promote SAFE SEX, but it does promote sex among older people...ewww... do we really want to encourage old people to do the nasty?

PS: That goalie looks a lot like Gaborik...*shudder*
No sports, but check out Kind of Stockholm heavy, but that is really all you need anyways.
Eh, the Swiss ad that Alanah posted at the now-defunct VCOE was better.

Shut up.
umm if you a hardtime imagining it you perhaps should have been subjected to the nhl commercials (and i am not sure they played north of the border) that showed nhl players showing up in showers and marital beds for no reason.

of course the were not partially nude, biut inappropriately fuller geared up.

perhaps those swedes just look better undressed, much like canuck goalies apparently do as they are undressed nightly by opposing teams

>>>PS: That goalie looks a lot like Gaborik...*shudder*<<<

This is a young Gump Worsley. No mask. Dead giveaway.

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