Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Kronwall: Just another senseless victim

From Octopus over at The Face Off Circle, we get another example of a hockey player not wearing their helmet&visor correctly.

Kronwall took a deep cut across the nose, after delivering this hard hit in the Colorado game.

He's another guy, who doesn't know how to wear his helmet and visor correctly. It's always sitting too far back on his head, so he's looking under the visor.

I suspect he'll be wearing a full face-shield for awhile, now. Maybe he'll get used to looking through the plexiglas, and start wearing his usual one properly.
If you wore a jock strap, would you wear it over your ass, or only covering one ball? (well, you would if you are Phil Kessel).

Why do players continue to wear their helmets too loose? Remember Donald Brasher getting whacked by Marty McSoreloser? Brash's head hit the ice because his loose helmet popped off. The damage wouldn't have been nearly as severe if the helmet was on properly.

What's it gonna take?

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What is the point of wearing a visor tilted so far back that it shields only your forehead? Shields aren't mandatory in the NHL, so why does these guys bother?
As for the chinstrap, is it that much of a burden to have the strap properly secured? Does it affect the slapshot somehow?
Someone will probably have to die before the lawyers/insurance underwriters force a change. That girl had to die before the NHL put up netting. I mean, who didn't know that getting hit in the head with a 100mph puck could be lethal?
I guess these guys think they are invincible until an injury happens to them. Just last week, Luongo took a puck to the throat in practice because he didn't like using any neck protection (gets in the way, he gripes). He spent several minutes on the ice unable to breathe and the next two nights in the hospital. And he still refuses to use protection. He's just lucky it was Sedin shooting and not a Salo slapper...
Yeah, it's the old story about 'reacting' rather than 'preventing'.

The Pavol didn't start (re)wearing a visor until his face was smashed severly. Why does it take such incidents for people to change? Would you NOT wear a seatbelt until getting into a serious accident?

Roberto won't be wearing a neck guard soon. Getting hit in the throat is kinda uncommon, plus we know goalies are very fickle about 'comfort'.
They are big boys. I am sure they can make decisions regarding their own safety quite effectively on their own. If it takes an injury like Tony Granato's to convince him not to shave padding out of his helmet and strap it on tightly, then that's what it takes. Actually, let's just force them all to be inspected prior to the game and subject to penalties throughout if they should be presenting a safety hazard to themselves. While we're at it, let's make MLB pitchers wear helmets with masks so they won't get hurt by line drives back at them. Let's take the inherent danger involved in any sport out. It should be only about the competition and skill of the competitors because I said so, who cares what the actual players want.
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