Sunday, December 17, 2006


Video of the Day - Teddy Bear Toss Chaos

On Friday night, I went to the Giants game with a couple of buddies of mine.
It was Teddy Bear Toss night, and there were just under 11,000 people there.

My friend, Duc, posted this video of the ensuing chaos.

The Vancouver Giants hosted the Everett Silvertips in a matchup between the two top teams in Canadian junior hockey. Over 10,000 people watched the game at the Pacific Coliseum; the fact that a few of the top players from each time were at training camps for the upcoming World Junior Championship did not deter from the playoff-like atmosphere.

Tim Kraus scores on a regulation-time penalty shot to give the Vancouver Giants the lead 1-0 over the Everett Silvertrips.

The Giants played a very good game and set up a penalty killing clinic that night. However, the Giants could only kill penalties for so long until the Silvertips tied it up 1-1 in the third period.

The Giants lost the game on a shootout, the real winners that night are the children receiving the teddy bears

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I was getting ready to say that I would LOVE to see the Canes or Pens do something like a Teddy Bear Toss Night. But then, it dawned on me that if all of that came from 11,000 people...then it'd probably take the length of an entire NHL game to clean up the amount of stuffed animals 18,000+ would toss. O_O

If only there was a way to get everybody to stay until the very end of the game, then maybe such an idea in the NHL would work.
The PEI Rocket held the same thing in their last home game against the Quebec Ramparts (the defending Memorial Cup champs). The game was delayed by over ten minutes to clear up all those teddy bears!
It's a pretty common CHL promotion: the Calgary Hitmen did it a couple of weeks ago. I went to last-year's Hitmen teddy-bear toss game, and yes, it did take forever to clear out the bears. I didn't go to this year's because my seats are five rows up, and I didn't really want to get pelted with twenty stuffed bears.
Heh, I always loved going to those games in Kamloops... people love hucking stuff on the ice.

I think the Blazers started doing that 10+ years ago, right before Christmas.
every year during christmas we do a teddy bear toss for bears games in hershey. love going to those games, seeing all those bears tossed to the ice is just plain awesome.

great clip, love seeing that kinda thing...
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